Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sonnet 25: Out On This Granite Cold Ledge

By Matthew Paul Olmos

out on this granite cold ledge once again
looking at the spill over into the empty of the crevasse 
my hands are shaking a thousand seconds to ten
as i peer over an cannot make myself out in the vast

thick an water’filled clouds are pushing past me
trembling by body like a homeless story
i do not want to be there just only me
so i look behind me an see her only

she stands shaking just like i do
smiling her face but stepping up close
i’m scared the granite beneath our feet will move
an i wonder how warm her body will be, God only knows

i hate myself to shiver everytime love echoes in the rocks around,
but this tiny voice pushes me forward an i know i can’t resist the sound…

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