Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sonnet 16: Lingering eye contact on the c train

By Aurin Squire

Lingering eye contact on the c train
Exited DUMBO and felt the light tail
Walked under highway, started a light rain
Sensed his eyes hitting my head like a nail.

Walked for about 10 blocks in the wrong direction
Reversed and ran into my subway stalker
Smoothed out my pants and growing affection.
Turns out he was sort of an ebullient talker.

He was tall, gentle, light brown hair with a soft touch
Conversed over and walked in the rain
Ringing alarms sounded too much
Mind: "You just met on the fucking C train!"

Could be axe murder/con/junkie on the down low
Could have been a lover... I'll never know

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