Friday, January 31, 2014

Subway Flirting

A man waves at a total stranger. He is Jewish and has a short, plump body. His voice is nasal and high-pitched. The stranger is an attractive Asian woman who is statuesque and sleek. As a New Yorker she has her trusty shield up and it quite clearly reads 'fuck off.' It's Friday and it's been a long week of polar vortex, soul-crushing winds, penetrating temperatures, slush, street salt so thick that the subway floors have turned a chalk white, and mid-winter blues. Everyone wants to go home.

The man walks over to her. He starts asking about her Kindle, pricing, and if he should buy it. He launches into a soliloquy about different iPads, different choices. He then states that he would like a total stranger's opinion on the matter before he makes a purchase. The woman is clearly not having this very clumsy attempt at flirting. If avoidance were tear gas he would have been blind and coughing on the floor.

The man continues to talk at a decibel slightly above appropriate. Convinced that the woman's unresponsiveness might be due to a hearing problem, his voice becomes even more shrill. The woman buries her head in the Kindle screen. When it's her stop she quickly departs as he waves goodbye. The subway car collectively exhales as the awkward squeamish scene has ended.

The man stands there and masochistically mutters to himself, 'great...yeah. God job scaring her away.' He shakes his head and gets off at the next stop.

I feel bad for both parties. How many times a day must she deal with these terrible unprompted slightly aggressive invasions of her space? Must she really humor every unsolicited stranger? Because she's attractive? Can't a gorgeous mofo just live?

On the guys end: you didn't scare her away. You just intruded in upon a total stranger's space. You acted like you were in a sitcom or bad romantic comedy? As a matter of fact, you probably learn this technique from TV and society: be aggressive. You have convinced yourself that it's not that the woman was clearly not interested in hearing you, seeing you, giving her opinion about Kindle, or your very existence on this planet. You think the failure in this exchange lies in your approach. As a result you will continue to try to invade the space of New York women who have experienced a grotesquerie of horrors from the opposite sex and have thorns wrapped around their aura for self-preservation.

They both need a hug...but I fear that would encourage him and horrify her. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Journal of Mundane Neurotic Dreams

The past few nights I've been dozing off to a meditation CD of bells and having these dreams. Not quite fantastic, but a Chekhovian, Woodie Allen short movies with a mixture of Fellini. I don't quite know what these dreams signify but I might as well write them down and wait until more is revealed. Maybe someone has insight into the meanings here?

Dream #1: I'm in Publix purchasing chocolate frosting and gum. I'm wearing a suit and overcoat. It's raining outside. 

I'm at the counter and the clerk ignore me. Throwing a mini-fit, I toss the frosting container on counter. I apologize and explain I'm stressed. I lie and says I'm being laid off from my job, which I know isn't true. She says she's stressed and her father lost his job. We both end up crying. She tells me to pay what I want for both the frosting and gum. I hand her $1 and ask if that's enough. She nods. I hand her $3, slip frosting and gum into my jacket and exit out of automatic doors. 

All of a sudden I'm wearing a jogging outfit.  There are a bunch of friends from grad school sitting in concrete park of skateboard ramps and beside a long row of benches. I'm wearing some sort of sweatpants capri hoodie. Engage in stupid conversation. Start talking about art.  

Dream #2: I'm flying out of NYC with a friend we're put up in an extremely fancy hotel and the presidential suite which is as long as an arena with enormous Sultan size beds with mountains of pillows and fans. No walls just bed after bed. I'm informed that I'll be charged $200. Annoyed but I'm also worried that I might be at the wrong hotel. We're sharing this enormous room with an elderly couple who are excited to talk with me. The woman notices the jewelry I'm wearing and wants to know more about my sources. I tell her I get my jewelry from two main sources: Beds of Paradise in Union Square and another place I can't remember. I agree to get some jewelry and become her trader. 

My anxiety increases that I'm supposed to be near LaGuardia. Anxious, begin looking up flight # and try to use smartphone. Every time I begin to look up jetblue I get diverted into a cinematic ad that takes several minutes and can't be deleted. I try to remember the phone number for Jet Blue. 

My roommate/friend comes back from a night out on the town with a bunch of friends who are loud. Our presidential suite is suddenly small, a normal size room. I leave the room and decide to move to a different hotel. I end up at another hotel but I still can't figure out what flight I'm supposed to get on. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Obamacare Celebration? Just Crickets

I'm starting to wonder what's the incentive of creating thoughtful policy to address complex problems. I say that because I'm watching the last few months of responses to Obamacare aka the Affordable Care Act.

Despite website glitches, Obamacare signed up 6 million people to health insurance and Medicaid in 3 months. That's roughly 2.5 million on health insurance markets set up by states and the federal government and the rest of the people who are now covered on Medicaid package. In a year, these numbers will *probably* be in the tens of millions of Americans.  This one policy will save the lives of thousands and improve the quality of health for millions of Americans.

Political capital? Celebration? National media attention? As a result of this policy, the Dems are being threatened with losing seats in the House of Representative as well as the majority in the Senate. Republican-leaning states are continuing to block healthcare markets being set up in their states and the attorney generals are trying to stop Obamacare by finding new chinks in the armor, filing lawsuits, and trying to drown the law in a sea of litigation. President Obama's approval rating is at an all-time low.

Immigration reform, climate change, class inequalities are important issues that need thoughtful leaders creating detailed policy with experts. Yet, I don't know if any of these problems can be addressed in this political climate when the incentive is on loud, monosyllabic slogans

Let's remember some of the GOP's policy suggestions to our most recent problems:

1. Energy: Drill Baby Drill!!!
2. Healthcare: Kill Obamacare!!!
3. Immigration Reform: No amnesty!!!
4. Gun Reform: Keep your hands off my guns!!!
5. Kids being slaughtered by gunmen in schools: Good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns!!!
6. Economy: Tax Cuts
7. Class Inequalities: Cut taxes
8. Corporate Corruption: Cut regulations and reduce government intake...oh hell, cut taxes!!!
9. Global Warming: Al Gore sucks!! (or some variation of a personal attack)
10. Women's Rights: Who's What?!?
11. Raising Minimum Wage: Job Killer!!
12. Abortion Rights: Baby killer!!!

Dems can't beat the brevity of these slogans posing as policies because they're shackled to some basis of facts. But I think that rational is becoming a tired excuse for the incompetency of marketing and touting successes by the left-leaning and moderate politicians.

Over the last six years, Dems have been unable to take advantage of any accomplishments. It's almost easy to think that Obama has done nothing.

Obama's Record

1. Saving the Auto Industry from Bankruptcy (saving a few million jobs FYI)
2. Stopping Economy from Collapsing (like it has in many European countries)
3. Al Qaeda War: killed Osama Bin Laden
                             killed almost every single No. 2 and major lieutenant in terrorist org
4. incentivizing boom in Green Energy and alternative energy, while expanding drilling
5. Repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell
6. Wall Street Reforms: 1000 times stronger restrictions than what others wanted to do.
7.  created Consumer Protection Agency: reducing corporate abuse against citizens
8.  credit card reform
9. withdrew everyone from Iraq!! WE GOT OUT OF IRAQ! WE ARE NO LONGER IN IRAQ!
10. Obamacare: 6 million covered in 3 months.

Yet, some times it feels like Obama administration has been a complete failure. His successes are glossed over and the national attention quickly moves to the next crisis. This lack of focus could thwart the growth of  Obamacare.

ACA can still be hurt. Yes, it would be very difficult to repeal. But enough damage can be done to ACA it so that it doesn't work at its optimal level or it leaves millions without insurance. Misinformation can scare enough young people and citizens of Red States to stay away, so that the marketplace is left anemic in the long-term. And Republican consultants will celebrate this stunt 'victory' of lies with a new wave of candidates selling more odious, ignorant, and malfeasant viewpoints.

Dems need to do better. You know what, forget Dems....well-informed people -of any political persuasion- need to do better by speaking out. We need many more voices putting the facts forward repeatedly again and again. And these 'truthers' need to have the intensity as the Machiavellian Right-wing, which has grown so cynical in its tactics that they border on treasonous behavior.

When one party decides to intentionally sabotage the health, job security, and income of all Americans for political gain, there should be some repercussions. But it seems like Democrats are the most vulnerable. If this happens, then the worst and most destructively cynical behavior will be rewarded by a GOP sweep in the House and Senate. And everyone will be punished.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

GET WHAT YOU WANT: January 2014

Happy 2014! We are here and this is GET WHAT YOU WANT: January 2014.

GET WHAT YOU WANT is a monthly list of playwriting and creative writing contests, fellowships, residencies, commissions, and ongoing submissions. Please use the list as you see fit. 

Throughout the month GET WHAT YOU WANT may have additional opportunities tacked on to this initial posting so you might want to check back a few times as the list grows and is based upon new information. 

JANUARY has many different opportunities. Have a happy and healthy new year!



360 XOCHI QUETZAL Artist and Writers Residency Program

Deadline: 1/15/13

The 360 XOCHI QUETZAL Artist and Writers Residency Program is located in Chapala, Mexico on the shores of the largest lake in Mexico where the perfect year-round climate and stunning lake and mountain views have long established the region as an international artist mecca. Three residents will be chosen for each residency. We encourage applications from visual artists, writers, new media makers and musicians. Residents will be inspired by the natural beauty, history and culture of this special part of central Mexico. Chapala is located 25 minutes from an international airport and 45 minutes from Guadalajara, one of the largest cities in Mexico boasting abundant cultural resources: museums, galleries, theatre and artist supplies. Xochi Quetzal is the Aztec goddess of creativity and fertility and protector of artisans.  She is sure to inspire you during your stay!

NOTE: Apply through CAFE ( If you do not know this org, you need to get to know them ASAP. Even though it's mostly visual artist fellowships, there are theatre and writer residencies. And it's free to just be in their system.

WRITERS STUDIO AND LIVING SPACE: We now offer a second residency specifically for writers. You will have a ground floor studio apartment within view of the malecon. Your residence has a large bedroom with french doors that open to your private patio, a living/writing space, kitchen and full bathroom. There is free wi-fi in the studio and also outdoors on the malecon.

STIPEND: This is a free one-month residency. Your residency offers you free wi-fi, weekly maid service, a food stipend of $1,000 pesos and all utilities. You will only be responsible for your laundry, local transportation, entertainment and additional food. International calls can be made via skype. You are responsible for your travel to and from the Guadalajara International airport, which is just 25 minutes from Chapala. Depending on your arrival and departure times, Alberto may be able to pick you up and take you to the airport.  If not, we will arrange for an airport taxi which will cost $450 - 500 pesos each way.

MISC:  Although speaking a little Spanish will make your time here more culturally integrated, you do not have to speak the language to get around and get what you need. Food is inexpensive here in Mexico, typically costing about  $20/week US.  Eating out is quite affordable with meals costing  $3 - 10 US. You are just a 5 minute walk from many stores and restaurants.
HOUSE RULES:  Your spouse/significant other is welcome to join you. Your children, guests and pets are not permitted (there are many bed and breakfast hotels nearby for visitors). Smoking and firearms are expressly prohibited.
ELIGIBILITY: We base our selections on artists who demonstrate artistic accomplishment, a well-conceived residency project, indication that this residency will make a significant impact and evidence of the self-reliance required for a residency in the developing world. National and international visual artists, photographers, writers and new media creatives over the age of 25 are welcome to apply.
RESIDENCY DATES:  The Spring residency runs May 1 - May 31, 2014. There is some flexibility with the dates. We will be expanding our residency schedule. Please let us know if you want to be notified about the upcoming residencies by writing to us at
APPLICATION, DISCOUNTS and SPECIFICATIONS: Our on-line application is now available on CAFÉ. The application fee is $36.00 and if you apply to both residencies, there is a $12 discount. Artists who are re-applying also qualify for a $12 discount. Only one discount will apply. For a list of discounts and specifications, download: Download COUPON CODES AND DISCOUNTS FOR WEBSITE Please familiarize yourself with CAFE which is a great website with many other artist listings
DEADLINE AND NOTIFICATION: Applications through CAFÉ will be accepted now through Midnight Mountain time January 18, 2014 for the Spring Residency. Applicants will be notified no later than February 2, 2014 (see Discount Information above). We plan to offer additional summer residencies as well as a Winter residency Dec/Jan 2014 and will post all of these dates as they firm up.
APPLICATION GUIDELINES: Applications without work samples will not be considered (3 images for Visual Artists, 2 videos for Musicians, 5 page writing sample for Writers.

Deadline: 1/13/14

CultureHub is an incubator for creativity focused on the intersection of art and technology. We connect artists from diverse disciplines and cultures and provide them with environments in which to collaborate, experiment and explore. We serve local and global communities by providing an open space for creative research, artistic exchange and learning.
CultureHub is now accepting applications for its micro-residency Winter 2014 program. The program is for artists and technologists interested in experimenting in a fully reconfigurable studio environment. Up to two individuals will be selected for one-week micro-residencies taking place in February 2014 at the CultureHub studio. In addition to a stipend and workspace, residents will receive technical and materials support. The program seeks to incubate new artistic projects and investigate creative implementation of technology.
Residents will have access to AV equipment, hardware codecs, motion and depth-sensing cameras, a 30-foot projection surface, theatrical lighting and grid, and the support of CultureHub technicians.
To apply, please submit a proposal including a project description of up to 500 words as well as an outline of material and technical needs. Please include CV and/or links to online work samples. Applications are due no later than January 13, 2013.
Please e-mail proposals to with the subject line “micro-residency: Your name”
For more information, contact

DEADLINE: 1/15/14

The MacDowell Colony is an artist residency program located in Southern New Hampshire. MacDowell awards Fellowships to artists of exceptional talent, providing time, space, and an inspiring environment in which to do creative work. A Fellowship consists of exclusive use of a private studio, accommodations, and three prepared meals a day for two weeks to two months. There is no cost for a Fellowship; travel funds and stipends are available to artists-in residence based on need.

There is a $30 application fee, but Macdowell is a well-established and prestigious residency for any artist.

For more information:

Deadline: 1/13/14

Fall Fellowships will be 8 weeks from October 1st to November 26th 2014.  Spring Fellowships will be for 4, 8 or 11 weeks from January 28th 2015. A stipend of US$1,500 is available.

Application Overview
The Foundation’s primary program consists of individual fellowship residencies of one to three months. The Foundation welcomes applications from individuals in the following areas:
  • Scholars working in French and Francophone cultures, including cross-cultural studies that engage the cultures and influences of the Mediterranean region
  • Visual artists, creative writers, film/video/new media directors, playwrights, composers, choreographers, and multidisciplinary artists
The Camargo Foundation supports Fellows who are:
  • committed to artistic and scholarly excellence
  • take risks and embrace challenge
  • are rigorous in their approach to their work, and
  • have a record of strong, promising professional achievement
The Camargo Foundation welcomes scholars and artists from all countries and nationalities as well as all career levels.
The Foundation’s campus includes twelve furnished apartments, a reference library, a music/conference room, an open-air theater, an artist’s studio with darkroom and a composer’s studio.
Conditions of the Fellowship:
  • The Camargo fellowship is a residential grant. Fellows who need additional funds for living or research expenses should apply for them from other sources. Fellows may not accept gainful employment that coincides with their stay at Camargo. Fees for occasional lectures or participation in seminars are allowed.
  • Spouses/adult partners and dependent minor children may accompany fellows for short stays or for the duration of the residency. Because of physical arrangements at the Camargo Foundation, accompanying children must be at least six years old upon arrival, and enrolled in and attend school. Only those whose names appear on the application form may be in residence.
  • Fellows must actually be in residence at the Foundation. This stipulation does not preclude absences during weekends and recesses that coincide with those of the French schools in the Marseille-Aix-Cassis area. Frequent or prolonged absences are unacceptable.
  • The time in Cassis must be spent on the project proposed to and accepted by the selection committee; i.e. the project may not be substantially altered without the approval of the committee.
  • Project discussions are held once a week (except during semester breaks) so each fellow has an opportunity to present the project s/he is working on to the group. The project discussion serves as a progress report. All Fellows are required to be present at these discussions. A written report will be required at the end of the residency.
  • Fellows are asked to give a copy of any completed work to the Camargo library. Any publication, exhibit, or performance resulting from the grant should give credit to the Foundation.


National Association of Latino Arts and Culture

Deadline: 2/6/13

Launched in 2005 by the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures with major support from the Ford Foundation, the NALAC Fund for the Arts provides a variety of grants to assist US-based Latino artists and arts organizations in the development, creation, presentation and sustainability of artistic excellence, as well as the opportunity to participate in activities that contribute to professional and organizational growth.

The NFA is a national grant program open to US-based Latino working artists, ensembles and Latino arts organizations that demonstrate artistic excellence in pursuit of social justice through the arts. To date, the NFA has awarded over one million dollars to a diverse range of artists and organizations representing every discipline and region of the country. Applying to the NFA is a benefit of NALAC Membership.

NFA Grants for Latino Artists and Ensembles support the work of individual artists and ensembles in all disciplines. The NFA offers two grant categories for artists and ensembles: Project Grant and Master Artist Grant. Open to Latino artists and ensembles in the United States.

The NFA Artist/Ensemble Project Grant supports artists whose work demonstrates excellence and the potential for impacting the Latino arts field. This grant is designed to recognize excellence in an artist's body of work and nurture the creative and professional development of the artist.Grant funds may be used to support creation, development and/or presentation of work; equipment purchases necessary for artistic production; research and travel; professional or career development; living and studio expenses; technical support, studio assistance or collaborations; documentation, production expenses and maintenance.
The NFA Master Artist Grant recognizes established Latino artists for their cultural contributions and significance in their communities and also provides support that enables the Master Artist to serve as a mentor to another artist in their professional and artistic development. The Master Artist Grant will be awarded to support an exemplary mentor-mentee project that enables knowledge and skill transfer between a Master artist and a mentee artist.
NFA Artist/Ensemble Awards
Project Grant: Up to 14 awards at $5,000
Master Artist Grant: Up to 3 awards at $15,000


Fresh Fruit Festival

Deadline: 1/13/14

All Out Arts is now accepting submissions for the 12th Annual Fresh Fruit Festival, New York City’s grassroots, multidisciplinary international festival of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer arts and culture.  A cornucopia of various forms of artistic expression, the festival is presented across lower Manhattan each July. Entries are accepted through January 13, 2014 for no submission fee (through January 27, 2014 with $10 submission fee).


Click here to access the 2014 Festival Application.


“Last year’s festival was a breakout year, featuring over 40 multi-disciplinary works showcasing LGBTQ arts and culture, much more than ever before,” says Festival Founder and Artistic Director Carol Polcovar. “We can’t wait to see what this year has in store for what can only be another transformative year.”
The Fresh Fruit Festival showcases the whole spectrum of LGBTQ lives as expressed in theatre, performance art, dance, film, spoken word, graphic arts, music and beyond.  Thus, if it is “art” and it reflects any aspect of the LGBTQ community and its culture, you are welcome to submit.  Last years’ festival featured a poetry slam, two weeks of theater and performance art, dance, jazz, an art exhibit, variety acts, opera, and much more.
The Festival seeks diversity, “color,” and things less traditionally available in mass media.  Submissions are done electronically via the festival’s official website, Entrants will be notified in late-March 2014.  Accepted artists are showcased in a full-staffed AEA-approved venue, and also receive marketing assistance, networking opportunities and a share of ticket sales.


Please complete all fields on the  pages, uploading requested information or providing the appropriate links.  Please note that this form does not save, so application will have to be finished in one sitting.  Once completed in its entirety, please click “Submit” on page 3 to officially submit to the Festival.


Please complete the application fully (incomplete applications will not be considered).  Up to two (2) works per artist will considered, regardless of genre.
In addition, please submit the following types of work samples for your particular genre (applications without said components will not be considered):
  • For Plays (not Solo works): Please attach a complete version of the play (.pdf or .doc format only). One-Acts (between 20-30 min. long) and Full-Lengths (45+ min) will both be considered. Short plays (<10 min. are ineligible). Submissions in English only.
  • For Dance: Please submit a video link (Vimeo or Youtube) to the complete work.  Works should be between 8-20 minutes long. If the video is password protected or “private,” please ensure that we have the requisite abilities to access said footage.
  • For Music: Please submit a link to the complete audio recording. If the link is password protected or “private”, please ensure that we have the requisite abilities to access said audio.
  • For Visual Art: Submissions are not accepted via this application process. This year’s art show curated is Alexis Handwerker she can be reached at Each art show has a theme; this year’s theme is female-identified queer artists who create work in resistance to body-centered oppression and invisibility, looking at the 1970′s-today.
  • For Musical/Opera/Cabaret: Please submit a link to audio recording of select musical numbers and a copy of the book  (.pdf or .doc format only), or submit a video link (Vimeo or Youtube) to the complete work.
  • For Poetry: Please submit a full-copy of work  (.pdf or .doc format only) and/or video link (Vimeo or Youtube) of you performing the piece.
  • For Comedy: Please submit a video link (Vimeo or Youtube) to the complete routine. If the video is password protected or “private,” please ensure that we have the requisite abilities to access said footage
  • For Solo Plays/Performances: Please submit complete script  (.pdf or .doc format only) and a video link (Vimeo or Youtube) to the complete routine. If the video is password protected or “private,” please ensure that we have the requisite abilities to access said footage
  • For Film: Please submit a video link (Vimeo or Youtube) to the complete film. If the video is password protected or “private,” please ensure that we have the requisite abilities to access said footage.


Submission Period:  Submissions are open all year, but must be submitted by Monday, January 27th for 2014 festival consideration.
Receipt Notification: Within 48 hours.  Only if confirmation is not received within that period, please email to inquire.
Admission Notification:  On or about Monday, March 31, 2014
Festival Dates: July 7-20, 2014


Premiere Play Festival

Deadline: 1/15/14

Beginning October 21, 2013 through January 15, 2014, Premiere Stages will accept submissions of unproduced new plays from playwrights born or currently residing in the greater metropolitan area (New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania). There is no fee to enter. All plays submitted to the festival are evaluated by a professional panel of theatre producers, dramaturgs, playwrights, scholars and publishers. Four of the submitted plays will be selected for staged readings with Equity casts March 13-16, 2014 and awarded cash prizes. Following the March readings, the winner of Play Festival is selected for a full production during the 2014 Premiere Stages Main Stage Season and awarded $2000; a second play will be selected for a 29-hour Staged Reading and be awarded $750, and the two other finalist writers will be awarded $500.

● Plays must be full-length and have a cast size of no more than eight.
● Plays submitted must be unpublished and must be works that have not been previously
produced (readings, workshops, showcases are okay).
● Plays must be written by playwrights who were born or reside in the greater
metropolitan area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania).
● We seek to support a diverse group of writers and are especially interested in scripts
that explore or address contemporary issues. We encourage writers to view our
production history for a better understanding of the type of scripts that resonate with
our audience.
● Musical Submissions and solo-shows will not be considered at this time.
● If you would like the script/synopsis returned, please include a SASE.
● DEADLINE for postmark of scripts/synopses is January 15, 2014.
● Playwrights must have schedule availability in the summer/early fall of 2014.
Plays and synopses will be evaluated by a panel of arts professionals. The panel will submit their recommendations to the producing artistic director and resident dramaturg.
Playwrights (non-agent submissions)
Playwrights submitting without an agent must include:
● A brief synopsis of the play (no more than half a page).
● A character breakdown.
● A history of the play’s development (if any).
● The playwright’s professional bio.
● A script sample from the play (no more than 10 pages).
The panel will request full scripts from synopses of interest. Playwrights who are asked to submit full scripts, including those not selected for expanded development, will receive an evaluation of the submitted play from the panel upon request.
Agent submissions
Full scripts will be accepted from legitimate literary agencies and by professional
recommendation of someone with an affiliation to Premiere Stages. Agents may submit full play.

Electronic Submissions (preferred method) should be sent via email to: All materials should be attached as PDF.
Hard copy submissions can be mailed to:
John Wooten, Producing Artistic Director
Premiere Stages at Kean University
1000 Morris Avenue
Hutchinson Hall, 2nd Floor
Union, NJ 07083
For more information about the Premiere Play Festival, please visit our website
For any questions regarding the submission guidelines please email us at


Artemisia 2014 Fall Festival of Staged Readings

Deadline: 1/15/14

Artemisia, A Chicago Theatre, is accepting plays for its 2014 Fall Festival of Staged Readings. All plays submitted must be full length and fit within Artemisia's mission. They must be about women, have a minimum of one female leading character and must challenge the audience's perception of women. Visit and view the line up of plays selected for our 2012  & 2013 Fall Festival of Staged Readings for further guidelines. Submission is open to all playwrights as long as the play is written in English and is FREE!

Please send all submissions electronically as a single file pdf attachment (no other format will be accepted) to Artistic Director Julie Proudfoot The deadline to submit for our 2014 Fall Festival of Staged Readings is January 15, 2014.

Southern Playwrights Competition
Deadline: 1/15/14

The Southern Playwrights Competition seeks to identify and encourage the best of Southern playwriting. An annual award of $1,000 will be presented to the first-prize winner, as well as a production by the Jacksonville State University Department of Drama. Southern Playwrights Competition reserves the right to use the name of the play and the author's name in all publicity and promotions.

In the event of any subsequent production or publication of the winning manuscript (or versions thereof), and as one of the stipulations of the award, the author agrees to indicate in a footnote or in the playbill that the script was named winner of the Southern Playwrights Competition for 2013, and if applicable, that the play was produced at Jacksonville State University.

The Rules
-The Competiton cannot receive faxed or electronically submitted plays.
-Playwrights must be native to or a resident of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, or West Virginia.
-Plays must deal with the Southern experience.
-Entries must be original, full-length plays. No musicals or adaptations will be accepted. The playwright may submit only one play. All entries must be typed, securely bound, and clearly identified. Synopsis of script must be included. Legal clearance of all materials not in the public domain will be the responsibility of the playwright.
-Submission is restricted to plays that have not had previous Equity productions. -Plays which have had workshops, readings, or showcase productions are eligible.
-The Southern Playwrights Competition reserves the right to accept or reject any play submitted. SPC reserves the right to declare no winner. Decisions of the judges are final.
-Each script must be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope and an official entry blank or a copy of such. If the script it is to be returned, it must be accompanied by an appropriate envelope and return postage. Entries must be received no later than January 15, 2014. Do not send entries until after September 1, 2013. Staff is unable to receive or acknowledge the entry.
-In the event that, for any reason, the winning script cannot be produced, SPC shall only be held responsible for the playwright's award of $1,000.

Send Entry Form with play submission to:
Sarah Moersch
Department of English
Jacksonville State University
700 Pelham Road North
Jacksonville, Alabama 36265-1602

The Competiton cannot receive faxed or electronically submitted plays.
For questions, contact | 256-782-5498 or | 256-782-5414


Project Vox

Deadline: 1/14/14

Project Vox is seeking five to ten original scripts about the abuse of power and control in domestic relationships. These scripts will be performed in the Triangle Area as a fundraiser for Project Vox inOctober 2014.
Submission Criteria
  • All script submissions must be original. The overall topic is open, but the plot must include a strong domestic violence component. Scripts that have been work shopped or presented as staged readings will be considered. We are also accepting monologues/spoken word/poetry submissions.
  • All script submissions may be sent via email as an attachment directly to Project Vox at
  • Length should be twenty (20) minutes or less, with 20 minutes equaling 20 pages of dialogue in play script format. (For reference, see  Please submit scripts as MS Word files.
  • On the title page of submission, include your name, e-mail address, contact phone number, and a brief synopsis of the play.
  • Performances are to be staged with minimal sets and lighting. Script requirements should be limited to small set pieces, such as chairs and tables, and general lighting.
  • Deadline for submission is January 15, 2014. Submitters will be contacted by June 15, 2014 about the selection outcome. A list of chosen scripts will be published on the websites and Facebook pages of Project Vox.
Project Vox is a grassroots organization dedicated to increasing the public’s awareness and understanding of domestic violence through education, community engagement, collective action, and empowering individual voices to help end the silence surrounding domestic violence.

Actors Theatre of Charlotte nuVoices
Deadline: 1/3/14

Acceptance of submissions for the 2014 nuVoices play festival has begun!  If you are interested in submitting your work, please take a look at the submission guidelines below before clicking on the link to the submission page.  Once the form has been submitted with all of the required information, an email will be sent confirming that your script has been received.  The deadline for submissions is January 3, 2014.
Each play submitted will get two script in hand staged reading, with assigned directors, dramaturgs, and actors.  Each playwright selected will be brought to Charlotte and provided housing for the duration of the rehearsal process.  They will be included in the entire week of rehearsals and will also receive $500 honorarium.  The winning play will then be invited to have a full production mounted during Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte’s 2015-2016 season.

Submission Guidelines

WE ARE ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS!  Actor’s Theatre envisions nuVoices being a springboard for new plays to catapult to the national stage through our existing relationship with the National New Play Network, as well as a program to mentor the next generation of professional artistic talent in the Charlotte region.
The goals of nuVoices are three-fold:
  • -To celebrate and cultivate new plays by emerging American playwrights.
  • -To incubate professional artistic talent in the Charlotte region.
  • -To educate the public on the process of taking new plays from page to stage.

nuVoices for a nuGeneration was created by Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte to honor and encourage emerging playwrights of the American Theatre. Four authors of selected works will be awarded a $500 honorarium, with transportation and housing provided. There will be a seven-day residency and two script-in-hand public readings to take place in August 2014. Following the end of the four-day festival, the festival winner, who will be determined by a panel theatre critics and audience members, will be invited by the Theatre for a full production in the 2015 – 2016 season.
  • -Scripts must be unpublished and non-professionally produced at the time of the Festival. Workshops and readings are acceptable.
  • -Selected playwrights must be in attendance for the Festival in August 2014.
  • -Previous submissions to the nuVoices festival will NOT be considered.

Deadline: 3/1/14

The Douglass Wallop Fellowship at Washington College is awarded in odd-numbered years to a playwright.
The Fellowship enables drama students at Washington College to work with and learn from successful playwrights like J.T. Rogers and KJ Sanchez, who spend several days on campus.
The Douglass Wallop Fellow spends approximately five days at Washington College, holding individual conferences with drama students. The Fellow also gives a public reading and a craft talk. The Fellowship includes a $2500 stipend, overnight accommodations, and travel.
The Fellowship is named for the American novelist and playwright Douglass Wallop (1920-1985). He was the author of 13 works, the most famous being The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant (1954), which went on to be adapted by Wallop and co-writer George Abbott into the Tony Award-winning musical “Damn Yankees.” Wallop himself graduated from the University of Maryland and for many years lived on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.
Applicants should send a cover letter (outlining qualifications and reasons for interest in position) as well as a sample of their work to Assistant Director Lindsay Lusby:
The Rose O’Neill Literary House
Washington College
300 Washington Avenue
Chestertown, Maryland 21620
For the spring 2015 Douglass Wallop Fellowship, applications will be accepted if postmarked by March 1, 2014.

Helene Wurlitzer Foundation Residency
Deadline: 1/18/14

A residency that keeps a low profile, Helene Wurlitzer has been providing a haven for playwrights, poets, painters, and various artists for other 50 years. Located in Taos, New Mexico this foundation offers 3 months of rent-free and fully-furnized casitas are provided to a select group of artist to pursue their dreams.
Please go to the website to fill out form and apply.

Atlantic Company's 3rd Annual New Voices Festival
Deadline: 1/31/14

Atlantic Stage is looking for 10-minute plays, One-Act plays and Full-length plays to include in its 3rd Annual New Voices Playfest.
Submission Requirements
-Deadline ends January 31, 2014
- 10-Minute Plays, One-Act Plays, Full-length Plays
- One submission per genre per playwright
- Unproduced original work
- Submissions cut off after first 200 per genre.
- PDF file or word document in a standard play format – no screen plays, no musicals.
- Blind submissions will be given to readers. Please include personal information on a separate attachment. The first attachment should have the cast requirements, synopsis, and script without your name; the second attachment would have the Playwright’s Bio and contact information including name of the script! Please title the first attachment with the name of your play, the second attachment with your last name, first name, and name of the play. As in: (Romeo and Juliet); Shakespeare, William (Romeo and Juliet).  Email submissions to
- Notifications will be made to selected playwrights in March as soon as the reader’s have completed all evaluations.

UCSD: African American Experience
Deadline: 1/31/14

The University of California San Diego’s Theatre and Dance Department seeks from all enrolled undergraduate students submissions of previously unproduced, unpublished scripts highlighting African American experience in contemporary or historical terms.

Scripts must be original, unpublished, unproduced and free of royalty and copyright restrictions.
Plays which have had staged readings are acceptable.
Scripts must be 50 pages or longer, typed. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically (see below). You must also include your contact information (name, email, and address); play title, number of characters, institution affiliation, and a one page story summary.
Submitting Your Script Electronically
To submit a script electronically, click HERE:
Be sure to attach your script and a one-page document that contains the following:
-The name of your college or university
-Your year of expected graduation
-A summary of the story
All documents submitted electronically must be in PDF format and must be less than 2 MB in size.
Deadline for entry is a postmark entry of 1/31/14.
The winner will be announced no later than 2/28/14.
Please include a one-page summary synopsis.
A $1000 honorarium will be awarded to the winning playwright.
A stage reading, April 19, 2014, of the winning script in the Wagner New Play Festival. This festival is attended by students, local patrons, and twelve national theatre professionals.
Travel and housing costs to and from UC San Diego to be present for the performance.

Deadline: 1/15/14

After a successful inaugural season, SPACE on Ryder Farm is thrilled to launch the application for The Working Farm 2014, our resident writers group. The Working Farm gathers for a three-to-five week residency (housing, food, and artistic resources provided) on Ryder Farm.

The residency is divided into three one-week stays. The Working Farm playwrights may choose to extend their second one-week stay for an additional one or two weeks. The Working Farm playwrights may invite a collaborator to share the second and/or third stays of their residency.
While in residence, The Working Farm playwrights each work on a single play. The residency culminates in a reading of the new plays at the close of SPACE’s season.
Following the residency, SPACE continues its support of The Working Farm by teaming with institutions in New York City to produce readings of the new plays.
To be eligible for consideration, The Working Farm candidates must be available for the first and last week of SPACE’S 2014 Season (June 2-June 8, 2014 and September 22-September 28, 2014).
For more information on applying, click here to visit the website.

Deadline: Jan. 19th

CulturalDC’s Source Festival seeks 10-Minute Plays of any genre (comedy, drama, magical realism, etc.) that relate to one of the three themes listed below. The themes are inspired by the Festival's three Full-Length Plays. Summaries and information about these three plays can be found here.

  • Mortality/Immortality: Seeking plays that address living forever or examine death from a fresh perspective
  • Revenge: Seeking plays that address the need for retribution, large or small, comic or serious
  • Quests: Seeking plays that address the compelling pull to go on a journey to accomplish a specific task

To submit your 10-Minute Play to the Source Festival, please complete ouronline form and upload your play as a PDF file.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Plays must not have been previously produced or published.*
  • Playwrights may submit only one 10-Minute Play.
  • Plays may be no longer than 10 pages, exclusive of your title page.
  • Plays must be submitted in PDF format.
  • Playwrights must be based in the United States. We are not currently accepting international submissions.

Due: January 10, 2014 at 5 pm. No late entries. No exceptions. Playwrights whose scripts have been selected for Source Festival 2014 will be notified in the spring of 2014.

*Source Festival defines "previously produced" as any production for which the audience was charged admission. The following exceptions apply:

The previous production was a student production (75% of cast were students).
The play has been substantially rewritten (30% or more) since the last production.
The previous production had only one performance.

Bogliasco Foundation Residency
Deadline: 1/15/14

Bogliasco Foundation (Fall-Winter, 2014, Bogliasco, Italy) – Residencies of an average of 32 days for qualified persons engaged in advanced creative work or scholarly research in archaeology, architecture, classics, dance, film/video, history, landscape architecture, literature, music, philosophy, theatre, and visual arts. Residency provides housing, meals, and studios; artist responsible for travel, materials, and any additional living expenses. NO FEE. Bogliasco Foundation, U.S. Office, 10 Rockefeller Plaza, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10020-1903, T: (212) 713-7628, FAX: (212) 489-0787,, January 15, 2014

West Boca Theatre International Jewish Playwriting Contests
Deadline: 1/28/14

West Boca Theatre Company International Jewish Playwriting Contest (Spring, 2013, Boca Raton, FL) – Seeking short plays (8-20 minutes) that explore an aspect of Jewish life or culture from modern or historic times. No musicals. Cast must not exceed 6. First place winner receives $500; second place $300; third place $200. Submit 3 copies, each with a cover page containing play title and full author contact information. Script should not contain author’s name. FEE: NO FEE. West Boca Theatre Company, Play Competition, c/o Myrna Loman, 9801 Donna Klein Blvd., Boca Raton, FL 33428, T: (561) 558-2118,, Deadline: January 28, 2014


Theatre Arts West is Accepting Submissions

Deadline: 1/15/14

The Women’s Project will take place June 19th – June 22nd at the Fallbrook School of the Arts in Fallbrook, CA and will include original plays, visual art, music and choreography by women living in the United States with particular interest in women living in southern California and especially women who will be able to attend the event.  One of the commitments of Theatre Arts West is to support, in a powerful way, the growth and success of women in the arts. We will be producing the Pulitzer Prize winning The Heidi Chronicles in honor Wendy Wasserstein. We are accepting submissions in the categories of 10 minute play, half hour play, full comedy, full drama, musicals, children’s theatre, and children’s musicals.

Leah Ryan’s Fund for Emerging Women Writers
Deadline: 1/13/14

Leah Ryan’s Fund aims to encourage brilliant and unrecognized women playwrights with a cash prize and a New York City showcase of the winning work. Submissions must be full-length works for theatre, but the form is open to one-acts, two-acts (or more), monologues, adaptations, and any other “wild or deceptively tame” form.

Winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize as well as a staged reading of her play in New York City. A stipend of up to $700 may be provided for travel and accommodation. Submit up to 10 pages excerpted from a fully-developed completed script (finalists will be asked to submit complete script), a cover letter of no more than one page describing yourself and your work (including full contact information), a resume, and at least one letter of support from someone who knows you and your work well. Download application form from website.

NOTE: E-mail applications only, in PDF format. See website for complete submission guidelines. NO FEE. Leah Ryan’s FEWW, PO Box 287, Amherst, MA 01004-0287,, Receipt Deadline: January 13, 2014, 5pm EST

Orchard Project Residency
Deadline: 1/17/14

The Exchange's Orchard Project, the world-renowned development center for theatre companies and artists, is proud to announce that we are now accepting applications for our 2014 residencies.
The Orchard Project is the premier program of The Exchange. Started in 2007, the Orchard Project invites the most cutting-edge theater artists to retreat to New York’s Catskill Mountains to collaboratively develop new plays.
Run by working artists for other working artists, The Orchard Project supports people over projects, and uniquely puts its faith in its artists to create new works while at the retreat. It is this faith that attracts leaders in the industry interested in developing their latest work — whether it is brand new or in later stage.
Companies join the Orchard Project for overlapping residencies, during which they are provided with free rehearsal space, room and board, and support from fellow artists. Throughout the residencies, open rehearsals invite industry members from around the country to play an active role in the development of new works.
Orchard Project companies and artists are supported by the Core Company at the Orchard Project, a nationally sourced apprentice program where young artists train and create new work alongside resident artists and companies. This program for innovative theater makers of the future continues with the support of programs like the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.
The Orchard Project has helped to develop dozens of shows that have been performed globally. Recent shows developed at the Orchard Project include Jordan Harrison’s Maple and Vine (recently at NY’s Playwright’s Horizons and San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theater), Robert Schenkkan’s All the Way (which premiered at Oregon Shakespeare Festival and will be on Broadway in 2014), The Rude Mech’s I’ve Never Been So Happy, The Talking Band’s The Peripherals (recently at NY’s Dixon Place), and many, many more.
Initial applications for the 2014 Residencies are Due by 11:59 PM EST, January 17, 2014.
If you have ANY problems with your application, please email us at You may also visit our:
Unlike other programs, we judge people, not projects. What that means is that the Orchard Project team and other artists who we have supported in past years assess whether the applicants are likely to create amazing work, and whether we think they will benefit from our program.
Applications to participate in the Core Company are due by April 1, 2014. Applications will be available shortly.

Deadline: 2/7/14

Submissions are now open for the James Tait Black Prize for Drama 2014.
Theatre companies and agents are invited to submit scripts to the Department of English Literature by 7 February 2014.

The winner of the £10,000 annual award will be announced in August.
The National Theatre of Scotland will present extracts of the shortlisted plays as a reading at The Traverse Theatre during the August festivals in Edinburgh.


Eligible plays are those over sixty minutes in playing time, originally written in English (including all standard and non-standard varieties) Scots or Gaelic, first produced between 1 January and 31 December 2013, and performed by a professional company for more than six performances.

A typed copy of the script must be sent with details of the first production, which should include venue, company and date. Where possible, proof of production should be sent such as a flyer, review etc.

The submissions must come from the producing company or the agent of the playwright. The playwright must have been commissioned formally by a professional organisation using a contract recognised by an industry regulator within the country of production (e.g. in the UK, the Theatrical Management Association (TMA), Equity, Independent Theatre Council (ITC) or Federation of Scottish Theatre).
The production must have had a full production by a professional company using professionally contracted personnel.

Submission address

There are no application forms to complete. Submissions for both the book and drama prizes should be sent to the Department of English Literature.
  • The James Tait Black Prizes
  • English Literature
  • The University of Edinburgh David Hume Tower
  • George Square
  • Edinburgh
  • EH8 9JX
For the Drama Prize, a digital copy of the script must also be emailed to Nicola McCartney.
  • Nicola McCartney
  • Lecturer
  • English Literature

Yale Institute for Musical Theatre
Deadline: 1/7/14

The Yale Institute for Music Theatre accepts applications for projects at various stages of development but focuses on work that is ready to be explored musically and dramatically with performers and directors. Submissions cannot have had a professional production.
Book musicals and other imaginative music theatre projects are welcome. Only composers, book writers, or lyricists who are current graduate students; or who have graduated from an accredited degree-granting institution (undergraduate or graduate) no earlier than May 2008; or who are current Yale students (undergraduate or graduate) are eligible to apply.
Applicants may only submit one work for consideration. Composers and writers may apply as individuals or as part of a team. At least one collaborator must meet the above requirements for the submission to be eligible. Past Institute participants are welcome to apply, provided they still meet the program’s eligibility requirements.
Participants must be available for the full duration of the residency. Each member of the writing team will receive an honorarium of $1,000, as well as round-trip transportation and accommodation.
Online applications will be accepted beginning October 28, 2013, through 11:59 PM (EST) onJanuary 7, 2014.
All submissions must include each of the following, and all documents (with the exception of music recordings) must be uploaded as PDFs:
1-      APPLICANT BIO: a BIOGRAPHY or resume of no more than one page, for eachcreative artist;
a.       a SYNOPSIS of no more than one page, with a list of characters and instrumentation;
b.      a SCRIPT with lyrics or a full libretto;
c.       SHEET MUSIC for a minimum of five songs;
3-      MUSIC RECORDINGS: a sample of at least 20 minutes of music. The sample must include the five songs for which sheet music is submitted. Piano and vocals are sufficient, and a composer’s demo is acceptable though not preferred. Studio demos are not necessary. Music recording files must be clearly labeled and uploaded in sequence. All submitted recordings must be clearly noted in script.
4-      DEVELOPMENT HISTORY AND GOALS: a brief description of the work’s history and what the creative team hopes to achieve from the development process at the Institute;
5-      RIGHTS STATEMENT: proof of fully secured rights if the proposed project is an adaptation of an existing work that is not in the public domain;
6-      SIGNATURE: an electronic signature from the Lead Applicant on behalf of all Co-Applicants (composer, book writer, lyricist)
The online application is available:
Note: all 2014 applications must be submitted electronically. The Institute does not accept video recordings or photographs.
For more information about the Yale Institute for Music Theatre or the application process, please email or call (203) 432-5348.
All applicants will be notified of selection by March 28, 2014.

Dora Maar Fellowship (MFAH)
Deadline: February 15th

Want to get away? How about 1-3 months in France to write and study whatever you want? Dora Maar Fellowship is an excellent opportunity for all artists and the application is online. The Dora Maar Fellowship is set in Menerbes, France in a house bustling with arts and thinkers. The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston (MFAH) sponsors the Dora Maar fellowship and pays for round-trip ticket to France as well as a $50/day stipend for food. Additionally there you have your own bedroom, bathroom, and share a communal kitchen.  

The Brown Foundation Fellows Program at the Dora Maar House is made possible through a grant from the Brown Foundation, Inc., in Houston. The program has been directed by the MFAH since 2006.

The MFAH wants you to enjoy the opportunities this remarkable residence affords, and to use your time well. Fellows are encouraged to offer suggestions on how the museum can improve the fellowship program in the future.

As a Dora Maar fellow, you are expected to be friendly toward the citizens of Ménerbes and to make one public presentation to them. Each fellow is required to donate to Dora Maar House one drawing, publication, or other work created during the residency. The MFAH asks that you recognize The Brown Foundation Fellows Program at the Dora Maar House in the acknowledgments of any publication resulting from your fellowship.

Deadline: April 1st

Fire Island Artist Residency (FIAR) is an organization founded in 2011 which brings lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and queer identifying emerging artists to Fire Island, a place long-steeped in LGBTQ history, to create, commune, and contribute to the location's rich artistic history.
FIAR provides free live/work space to five selected artist residents who work, research, relax, and immerse themselves in the Fire Island community, during which time they are visited by a handful of renowned visiting artists, curators, and art professionals who commune with residents through intimate visits, dinners, and discussions, providing support and feedback. The greater Fire Island community, and visitors from New York and Long Island, are invited to attend free public lectures by these esteemed guests of FIAR throughout the duration of the program. In this way, FIAR hopes to bring both new creative perspectives and prestigious art professionals together in this extraordinary location to foster the creation—and preservation—of queer art-making in contemporary art.
Summer 2014 Artist-in-Residency Program
July 25 to Aug 22, 2014
Cherry Grove, a community of Fire Island, NY
Emerging LGBT/QUEER artists working in contemporary visual art.
Artist Selection
Jurors for Summer 2014 are forthcoming.
FIAR provides logding, studio space, and a stipend for all meals.
$35 Application Fee
Non-US citizens with fluency in English may apply.

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