Friday, May 23, 2014


Uppity (a form experiment)
By Aurin Squire

I did
to serve
the needs,
with please,
and use
my voice
2 score
your core,
your soul
with sores
from poor
in war
of black
on crack
the ways
and means,
grind blight
from bones
of plight.
and birds
of pray
nest in
the way
we greet
and meet
our kin
our friend
and men
but then
the same
we sing
and feign
to say
this plain:
'hey sistah
'hey mistah.

(At this point, the 'act' felt incomplete. I paused over the last 2 lines, looking for an appropriate conclusion or summations. Then I started writing the words out in reverse order, swimming back up the waterfall. UPSTREAM...)

'hey mistah.
'hey sistah.
this plain:
to say
we sing
the same
but then
and men
our friend
our kin
and meet
we greet
the way
nest in
of pray
and birds
of plight
from bones
grind blight
and means,
the ways
on crack
of black
in war
from poor
with sores
your soul
your core,
2 score
my voice
and use
with please,
the needs,
to serve
I did

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Black Mismanagement Mafia

They are here, they are here. 
Have no fear. 
They come to take a check,
get a bump,
grab a mic, 
and make some lumps.
They are the black mismanagement mafia. 

The black mismanagement mafia!
Now mis-serving and swerving,
under-educating and coon-gesticulating
misleading and bull shit feeding you
your local outrage, 
your latest social media share, 
your scandal and "oh, no she didn't-s"
Just pay no attention to the tiny hands in your pocket, my sheeple. 

Doing deeds in darkness 
but it soon comes to light.
Doing dirty in alleys
but the streets will make it right, cuz
the black mafia vampires its next victim.

Down goes another black org.
Black-on-black corrupt,
Black on black back-biting
Black on red bankrupt.  

The black mismanagement mafia strikes again. 
You know the BMM: old-timers and has-beens
with trunks stuffed with 'way back when,' stories
and 'when I marched with Dr. King.' 
And they've been riding that same march ever since.

They got a thimble full of management skills
 and ferocity to defend.
No, not you or advancement.
They are protecting their turf,
lifting their hind legs
pissing in your eyes,
pissing on your head,
pissing in your ear,
leaking that tangy hot stuff on your tongue.
They are marking their territory. 

They serve as honorary board members
for corporations needing a muzzled black face at the table,
spend most of their leisure squatting on 'blackness.'
They'll run any org into the ground
jamming cronies in every nook and cranny. 
Then they grab their burglar sack and head out
begging to the community for a bailout.

BMM runs the August Wilson Center in Pittsburgh, 
many of the NAACP chapters in this country, 
the SCLC
and even some HBCUs. 
They accept kickbacks and airtime, 
but no responsibility for bringing down 
stanchions, columns, and legacies created to serve.

They got their crowbars in your pocket. 
They got their shopping bags out
Pay no attention to the tiny hands 
running up and down your thighs
between your woman's legs
in your child's mouth
picking out loose morsels
with no morals. 

Pay no attention to jheri curl perm 
shaking like a tree after April rain
shaking with laughter.

Pay no attention to the wetness.
behind your ears.
Join hands in the spirit of Umoja
Join hands for thee ancestors
Hop on the good foot. 
Ashe. Ache. Ashanti. Asti Spumante
And where's my gotdamn pimp cup?!?

Until one day you're walking down the street
minding your own piss and stickiness. 
and the mafia meets you, cuz!
They are here, they are here,
strap up your gear.

The black mismanagement mafia greets you, cuz!
And, cuz, they got a hostage:
bedraggled and demented. 
Toothless and hoarse-voiced. 
Stick 'em up or black history gets it
right between the eyes.

Stick 'em up cuz…
you'll never get it. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Blueprint Series (for LA area)
Deadline May 17th

They're now accepting submissions to participate in our 5th annual Blueprint Series. This program is an opportunity for playwrights to work with our ensemble and other artists to collaborate on the development of new projects. If you have an idea for a play and want to work collaboratively to generate a script, you should apply.

BSTCs Blueprint Series is an opportunity for playwrights to work with our ensemble and other artists to collaborate on the development of new projects. The series will culminate in public presentation of all or some of the projects selected for development. Each project will be given devoted time in our rehearsal studio to work with our ensemble according to a schedule that suits the need of each playwright.
Blueprint Series focuses on developing work from the ground up, starting with a solid idea for a play. Scripts that have already been written that are in need of revision are not appropriate for this particular effort. Projects will be selected by the BSTC ensemble based on the concept of the play (including genre, plot, cast, context, and so on) and the proposed development process and timeline. Submission deadline 11:59pm on Saturday May 17th.
For application and guideline information go to:

The Civilians 2014-2015 R&D Group
Deadline: June 1st

The Civilians R&D Group meets biweekly for nine months, during which time each artist or team of artists develops a new piece of theater through a creative investigation of a topic chosen by each artist. The creative process may include interviewing, community engagement, research, or other experimental methods of inquiry. Led by Artistic Director Steve Cosson and R&D Coordinator EllaRose Chary, the artists share and discuss their methodologies and the resulting work. The process culminates in a Reading Series in May of 2015.
The Civilians R&D Group is comprised of theater artists from various disciplines (writers, directors, composers, etc.) interested in exploring different strategies for making investigative theater and being a part of The Civilians community of artists.
We define "investigative theater" broadly, meaning any creative process of inquiry that feeds the creation of a work of theater. Methods may include research, a community-based focus, interviews, company-devised strategies, or other experimental strategies of the artist's design. The artists meet on a regular basis for nine months to share and discuss their methodologies and the resulting work with the group, R&D Coordinator EllaRose Chary, and Artistic Director Steve Cosson. The generative artists in the group (writers, composers, writer/actor, writer/director, etc.) are expected to attend all of the sessions; regular attendance is critical and should be considered when applying.
Additionally, a group of directors are chosen to complete the group. Directors are invited to meetings, but not expected to attend all; the directors become more active at the end of the season, with the direction of the public readings.
The intention of the group is that each writer will finish a draft for public presentation by May 2015. Given the nature of the process, it is understood that these drafts will be in various stages of development when they are presented.
To apply for the 2014-2015 R&D Group all applicants must complete theonline application.
Additional Instructions for Writers/Composers/Actors:
In the box for your CV or BIO : please upload a one paragraph bio.
In the box for your STATEMENT : please upload a one to two paragraph proposal for an investigative project to be developed in the group that includes some thoughts as to why you are interested in working on this project in this particular group.
The project may already be in process or be completely new; however, it is important that the artist has the intention to be actively developing the work during the period of the group. A collaborative team of two people may apply together (writer and composer, for example), but in such cases, both artists must commit to full participation and must submit seperate applications.
Deadline for applications is June 1st, 2014.
Please address all application questions to EllaRose Chary at .

NEWvember New Plays Festival
Deadline: June 30th

Inaugurated in 2011 as a co-production of Tangent Theatre Tivoli and AboutFACE Ireland,
NEWvember is a festival of rehearsed readings of new plays that takes place over four days at the Carpenter Shop Theatre in the historic village of Tivoli in upstate New York.

-submitted plays should be previously unproduced (we will consider plays that have had
readings before but are still in development)
-plays should not have previously been submitted to the NEWvember Festival
-plays should have a cast size of 2-8
-plays should have a running time of 30 to 120 minutes
-we will only accept one submission per writer
-we ask that the writers of the chosen plays attend the reading of their play towards its further development and to be present for a post-reading Q&A with the audience. We will provide $50 towards travel for those traveling more than 50 miles (the equivalent of a return Amtrak trip from NYC to Rhinecliff) as well as local accommodation in Tivoli
there is no fee for submissions while we are open to all styles and subjects, our companies do have a preference for narrative and character driven stories

Please submit your play at
via our online application form
you will be asked to include
your play as a PDF, without your name, email or other identifying marks (to aid our blind
reading process)
the title page, listing the name of author, separately
a 3-line synopsis of the play
a bio of the writer
SUBMISSION DATES: The window for submissions opens Thursday May 1st
The closing date for submissions is Monday June 30th 2014 (12 midnight EST).

Capital Repertory Next Act! New Play Summit 3
Deadline: June 1st
Submissions are now being accepted for Capital Repertory Theatre’s Third Annual Next Act New Play Summit!  
Next Act! is an expansion of Capital Repertory Theatre’s commitment to the development of new work, and is designed to complement the Upper Hudson Valley’s recent and future growth explosion in the fields of research and technology.  The summit will directly reflect the theatre’s mission, “to create meaningful theatre generated from an authentic link to the community.”  Next Act! New Play Summit 3 takes place November 1st – 3rd, 2014 and will feature readings of two never-before produced plays, and special events throughout the weekend.
Capital Rep is particularly interested in scripts that showcase world events as they impact the individual and society, highlighting the common threads that bind the American culture together in a world that is defined more and more by diversity.  The theatre will give preference to character driven scripts that showcase technology’s impact on humanity.
Accepting full length plays only.
Multi-cultural and ethnically diverse pieces welcome.
Comedy and Drama welcome!
(Please do not submit plays about the theatre.)
Eligible plays can not have been previously produced, though previous readings are allowed.  No more than 7 characters.  (Please do not submit works in which actors play multiple roles, unless it is a device used to illuminate generations.)
How To Submit:
Plays: Playwrights should submit a synopsis, character descriptions and the first 10 pages of their play with a photo/resume and bio.
Email your submission to Margaret Hall, Assistant to the Artistic Director, at with Next Act Submission in the subject line.
A small stipend and limited travel available for playwrights selected.
Electronic submissions preferred.

Plays Selected:
Two plays will be selected to have readings (with an eye towards a potential future production) during the annual 3-day summit, which takes place November 1st – 3rd, 2014.  Like last years How Water Behaves, which is being produced as a part of Capital Repertory Theatre’s 2014-15 Season.
Capital Rep is a professional LORT D theatre, established in Albany in 1981.

Submission information is also available at

NBC Comedy Playground
Deadline: June 30th

NBC’s Comedy Playground is a contest intended to identify talent for the development of two new television comedies for the NBC television network (the “Contest”). The Contest begins on or about May 1, 2014 at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time (the “Start Date”), and ends on the date that the Digital Winner is chosen (the “Contest Period”). Subject to the Official Rules detailed below, the Contest will proceed as follows:

Entering the Contest: Each applicant or permitted applicant team, as detailed in the Official Rules (“Contestant” or “Contestants”) must submit: (1) a five (5) to ten (10) minute video sample of their existing work (the “Video Sample”); (2) a two (2) to five (5) minute video of themselves pitching their original sitcom idea, which may include a description of the show content (the “Sitcom Pitch”) (the Video Sample and the Sitcom Pitch are collectively referred to herein as a “Submission”); and (3) a completed application (the “Application”), along with their resume/credits (the Submission, the Application and the resume/credits, collectively referred to herein as the “Entry” or “Entries”). Submissions must comply with the Criteria for Eligible Submissions (below), and the Entry and Contestants must meet the Eligibility requirements (below) for the Entry to be accepted into the Contest.
Semifinals: From the eligible Entries, which will be evaluated as detailed below, NBC Entertainment, a division of NBC West LLC (“NBC”) will select up to thirty (30) semifinalists (each, a “Semifinalist”); each Semifinalist will be required to provide at least two (2) letters of recommendation, execute certain documentation and agreements, and submit to certain screenings (including, without limitation, an interview and a background check).
Finals: From the Semifinalist group of Entries, NBC will select up to ten (10) finalists (each, a “Finalist”), as detailed below. Each Finalist will be provided access to funding in an amount to be determined by NBC to develop, produce and submit a video presentation of approximately twenty (20) minutes in length of their sitcom idea in accordance with the specific instructions provided at a later date to the Finalists (each, a “Finalist Submission”). In order to participate as a Finalist, you must be a member in good standing of the Writers Guild of America (the “WGA”) or you must become a member in good standing to the extent required by the applicable provisions of the WGA Minimum Basic Agreement at your sole cost and expense.
Winners: Two winners (each, an “On-Air Winner”) will be selected as detailed below, and each will have their Sitcom Pitch developed by NBC into one or more episodes of a television program based on the Sitcom Pitch (collectively, the “Winning Programs”), which will be intended for broadcast on NBC; part or all of the Winners’ Finalist Submissions may be considered to be one of such episodes. In addition, the Finalist Submission of one (1) Finalist (the “Digital Winner”) will be selected by public voting as detailed below. NBC may also, in its sole discretion, choose two (2) Digital Winners (i.e., the two Finalists who receive the highest number of public votes). Each Digital Winner will have his or her Sitcom Pitch developed into approximately thirty (30) minutes of digital content for initial exhibition and distribution, as a whole or as divided into segments in NBC’s sole discretion, on and possibly elsewhere (“Digital Program”). NBC will determine in its sole discretion what services, if any, the Winners will perform with respect to the Winning Programs and the Digital Program(s), and any such services will be pursuant to the terms of a separate agreement.

InterAct Theatre Company  20/20 New Play Commissions
Deadline: May 16th

InterAct is the flagship for new work in Philadelphia and a founding member of both the National New Play Network and the Philadelphia New Play Initiative.
Long established as one of the country’s preeminent producers of provocative new works, InterAct uses the 20/20 Commissions to fund plays that explore the most adventurous, complex, and engaging stories, ideas and issues in our world.  We are invested in the wide range of stories that unfold when the larger forces of our world impact the individual and vice versa.
Eighteen commissions and development awards have already been given to plays ranging in style from hard-hitting drama to absurd comedy to magic realism.  If you are considering a proposal, we encourage you take a look at both our recent commissions and productions to get a better sense of us.
Since inaugurating the 20/20 commissions in 2007, four commissioned plays and two development award recipients have all been produced on our main-stage.  In addition two plays submitted as sample plays for 20/20 awards – IN A DAUGHTER’S EYES by A. Zell Williams and MICROCRISIS by Mike Lew – ended up receiving productions on our main stage.  So there is additional value to submitting a proposal!
About InterAct’s 20/20 Commissions
There are two types of awards associated with the program:
• Development Awards - through which InterAct commits funds toward the further development of a play, including dramaturgical consultation, readings and workshops.  Funds are typically used to pay for playwright travel and housing, and actor fees.  Development Awards are given to works already in progress, but not yet production ready.
• New Play Commissions – through which InterAct commits a cash award of $5000 toward a new and wholly, or substantially, unwritten play.
In both cases, InterAct’s intent is to provide development support for plays toward eventual production in our main stage season, though this is, in no way, a guarantee.
How to Apply for an InterAct Theatre Company 20/20 Commission/Award
The application consists of three parts, which must be submitted simultaneously and received by midnight on Friday, May 16, 2014:
A. Statement of Interest
Please provide a description of the proposed project, including why the issues and themes of the project will be significant over the next twenty years, and what your goals would be should you be granted the opportunity to work with InterAct on the project’s development.  If you are applying for a Development Award, you may additionally discuss the status of the current work and its development history.  Statements of interest should not exceed 2 pages.  We prefer proposals that are specific, concise, and as concrete as possible.  We will not be reading any submissions prior to May 16, so please use the time wisely.
B. Up-to-Date Playwriting CV
Please be thorough and be sure to include the development history, if any, of the proposed work
C. For Commission Applicants – A Sample of your work in the form of a Completed Full-length Script
Sample scripts need not have received previous productions for submission, but should be production ready. If possible, please submit a script that falls within InterAct’s central mission. If you do not feel that you have a script suitable to our mission, then please send whatever script you feel best exemplifies your work.
D. For Development Awards – One Copy of the Proposed Script:  Scripts need not be complete, although truly fragmentary works are difficult to evaluate. (An additional sample script is not necessary.)
Please note: We can only accept one submission per applicant – for either a Development Award or a Commission.
The deadline for completed seventh cycle applications is Midnight EST May 16, 2014, and InterAct will notify all playwrights of its decision via email in November 2014.
All parts of the application should be submitted as PDF’s to
Please label the PDFs clearly following this format:
(Your Name) Statement
(Your Name) CV
(Your Name) (Title of Sample Play)
(Your Name) (Title of Play) – DA
For example, for a commission:
Kittson O’Neill Statement
Kittson O’Neill CV
Kittson O’Neill Romeo and Juliet
For a development award:
Kittson O’Neill Statement
Kittson O’Neill CV
Kittson O’Neill Romeo and Juliet – DA
Only full-length plays are eligible for commission or development.  Musicals and bills of related one-act plays will not be considered. Collaborations are welcome. Submissions which do not follow these guidelines cannot be considered.
For all 20/20 New Play Commissions, InterAct reserves the right of first production.
Be sure to email applications to

Deadline: June 30th

The Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation will accept submissions for its 2013 Playwriting Competition between March 1 and June 30, 2013. Electronic submissions must be received by midnight on June 30, and mailed manuscripts must be postmarked by the deadline.
All works submitted (full–length dramas, comedies, musicals) must be original and in English. All works must present lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender life in a positive manner and be based on, or directly inspired by, a historical person, culture, work of art or event.

There is no entry fee. Prizes are as follows: First Prize, $3,000; Second Prize, $1,500; Honorable Mentions, $500. Prizewinners will be announced before the end of the year.

For complete submission guidelines, visit the foundation’s website:, or write to Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation, P.O. Box 26124, Brooklyn, NY 11202.

Production Grants

The foundation also offers grants to production companies to offset expenses in producing theatrical works (plays, musicals, operas, choral works, orchestral works with text) and film or video. All works must be based on, or inspired by, history and present LGBT life in a positive manner.

Proposals may be submitted throughout the year. For complete details and proposal submission guidelines, visit the foundation’s website:, or write to Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation, P.O. Box 26124, Brooklyn, NY 11202.

Soho Lab Writer/Director Lab
Deadline: June 1st

The Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab was founded in 1998 to explore and develop the work of a new generation of theater artists and to foster new collaborations between writers and directors in the beginning stages of the creative process. Writers and directors must apply separately. At the start of the cycle, writers and directors invited to join the Lab are paired with a partner.
Writer Applicants should submit a 10 page writing sample from a full-length play, as well as a short description / synopsis (no more than 250 words) of that full-length play. Applicants should also submit a resume, as well as one reference and contact details for that reference. Second round applicants will be asked to submit the play that the writing sample came from. This play should not be the play you wish to work on in the Lab, as Lab writers will write brand new play. In the late summer, writer finalists will be asked to interview and also to propose an idea for a new play.
Director Applicants should submit a resume, one reference and contact details for that reference, as well as written responses to the following two prompts. Each response should be limited to 250 words.
  1. Tell us about a current “non-theater” artistic obsession of yours (for example, the work of a particular sculptor, the historical idea of conversation as art, etc.). How does this obsession influence, challenge, or otherwise weigh on your work and/or your process as a director.
  2. From your perspective, what are the skills required of a new play director?
Participation includes attendance at all Lab meetings and readings during the 2014/15 cycle. The Lab meets approximately every other week to discuss the plays. In the spring, each play is given a public reading at Soho Rep., directed by the director matched with the play.
Eligibility Writers and directors must be able to attend all Lab meetings and readings at Soho Rep in New York City during the 2014/15 cycle. They may not be full-time students at the start of the Lab. Past participants of the Lab are not eligible to apply.
Application instructions are included on the following page. Applications must be submitted electronically to us on June 1, 2014 by 5pm EST. Second round applicants and finalists will hear from us in the late summer. All other applicants will hear from us in the early fall. The first lab reading will be held on Sunday, October 5, 2014.
Thank you for your interest in the Writer/Director Lab. If you have further questions please email us at

Shakespeare’s Sister
Deadline: July 1st

The Shakespeare’s Sister Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for a female playwright to be supported by three extraordinary institutions over the course of a year while she writes and develops a new play.
In addition to a cash prize of $10,000, the playwright will receive residencies at three geographically distinct institutions—AROHO,Hedgebrook, and the Lark Play Development Center—each one providing a different kind of support at successive stages in the playwright’s process. The fellowship seeks to make possible for the playwright a breakthrough into the kind of new work she would not have had the freedom or the resources to create otherwise.
  • In order to be eligible, the applicant must be a woman playwright (no age limit) who has written at least one full-length play.  (A first round-applicant will submit 30 pages of a play that she will then submit in its entirety if she makes it into the second round.)
  • Applicants must be able to commit wholeheartedly to each stage of the fellowship, entailing four weeks of dedicated time over the course of the year, and must be willing to write an entirely new play. (This fellowship isn’t designed to refine existing work. The playwright must be open to what the process brings.)
View the Shakespeare’s Sister Showcase to see announcements about the fellowship.

Deadline: 5/15/14

Victory Gardens Theater Artistic Director Chay Yew announces a call for submissions of new, challenging, and innovative plays to be a part of the 2014 IGNITION Festival of New Plays, which will take place July 21-27, 2014. The fourth IGNITION festival will create a productive environment for both emerging and established playwrights to explore and develop their new work. The deadline for submission is Thursday, May 15, 2014.

INGITION’s six selected plays will be presented in a festival of readings scheduled for summer 2014 and will be directed by leading artists from Chicago and around the country. Following the readings, two of the plays will be selected for intensive workshops during Victory Gardens 2014/15 season, and Victory Gardens will produce one of these final scripts in an upcoming season.

For More Information and Submissions Submission can be mailed to:
IGNITION, Victory Gardens Theater
2433 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60614.

Work can also be submitted electronically to

All submissions must be received by May 15, 2014. For more information about IGNITION Festival of New Plays, visit

Act One
Deadline: May 16th

Moss Hart's passion for the stage took him from the slums of the Bronx to the heart of the Great White Way. His autobiography, ACT ONE, is the ultimate showbiz story, and now it's a critically acclaimed play.

If you're a budding playwright, Lincoln Center Theater is offering you a chance to have your own Moss Hart moment. One talented writer will have his or her script read by Producing Artistic Director André Bishop, plus a pair of tickets to see ACT ONE and a copy of the book!

To enter, send a one-paragraph synopsis of your play (no longer than 200 words each), along with a one-page dialogue sample by May 16, 2014 to The winner will be announced on May 30, 2014.

Center for Spiritual Living
Deadline: May 16th

The Center for Spiritual Living – Princeton is hosting a playwriting contest for playwrights from NY, NJ and PA.
- Plays should be on the theme: A decision or choice that changes everything

- Plays should be between 15 and 20 minutes long

- Please include a cover page with your contact information

- Plays should use family-friendly language

- Winners will get a concert reading of their plays by local actors

- There is no fee to submit

- First prize is $100, second and third prize, $50

- Playwrights from NY, NJ and PA are welcome to submit. If your submission is one of the top 3, you will be expected to attend the reading

- There will be a talk-back after each presentation, in a very positive, supportive environment

- A form with questions partly chosen by the playwright will be filled out by audience members to help the playwright.

- Please submit in .pdf, .doc or .docx format. Plays will be accepted digitally only. Do not send a paper script.

- Please send submissions to

- Plays need not have anything to do with the teachings of the Center for Spiritual Living. If you would like to know anything about the organization, you will find it at

- Submissions must be in by May 15, 2014. Winners will be announced mid-August 2014 with the reading on a Sunday afternoon (TBD) in September, 2014

Deadline: June 1st

History Theatre (St. Paul, Minnesota) is accepting proposals and/or completed scripts for our Raw Stages New Works Festival in January 2015.   

The Raw Stages New Works Festival is an opportunity for playwrights to workshop a script with a team of professional artists and receive audience feedback at a public reading.

History Theatre focuses on TRUE stories which have a connection to Minnesota or the Midwest (we do not produce historical fiction).  Playwrights may submit an idea for a script (which has yet to be written) OR an already-completed script.

One or two entries will be selected for the festival.  Playwrights will be awarded $1,500 and at the conclusion of the festival their script may be considered for a full commission and production in History Theatre's mainstage season.

Playwrights should submit:
-       One-page treatment which includes plot synopsis, cast of characters, and a statement of why you believe the play would fit History Theatre's mission.  
-       Ten-page writing sample from previous dramatic work (or from the completed script being submitted.)

Treatment submission deadline: June 1, 2014
Playwrights will be notified by July 1st if their treatment is selected and will have until Dec. 15th to submit a first draft.  The Raw Stages workshop and reading will take place in the first three weeks of January 2015.

Send submissions as an electronic Word or PDF document to the following address with "Raw Stages 2015" in the subject line:   

For more information about History Theatre, visit

Warner International
Deadline: June 1st

The Warner International Playwrights Festival recognizes the work of emerging and established playwrights from across the country and around the globe. The Festival gives playwrights a forum for production of their one-act plays that engage and entertain audiences through exploration of the human experience and the human spirit.

Please read submission policy carefully:

We invite playwrights to submit plays via electronic script submissions, in standard Samuel French playwriting format - 12 point font, character name centered or 3.5 inches from left margin, 1” margin all around.  

Plays should be emailed to:

Submitted plays should be one-act plays of no less than 12 and no more than 30 pages long, not including your cover page.

Submissions will be limited to the first 200 scripts received.

Scripts will be accepted internationally but must be written in English.

Previously produced scripts are accepted.

There is no submission fee.

Please remove all playwright identification from the script including name, mailing address and telephone/fax/e-mail.

In the body of the email include:

· Script Name

· Playwright Name

· Playwright Email

· Playwright Telephone Number

· Playwright postal mailing address.

Please do not send a synopsis or playwright resume.

Only one submission per playwright will be accepted. Scripts will not be returned.

If your play is selected, you will be notified, via email, of the readers’ selection on/about August 1.

Selected scripts will receive minimal-set (table, 4 chairs, 2 cubes), minimal-tech production (lights up, lights down, 2 sound cues) production. Please be sure your play will adhere to these parameters.

Selected playwrights are invited to attend the festival by their own means. Accommodation recommendations are available.

To be considered for the Warner International Playwrights Festival scripts must be RECEIVED by 11:50pm Eastern Standard Time on June 1;
late entries will not be read.

For additional information, contact Charlene Donaghy

9 Thirty Theatre Company
Deadline: May 31st

9Thirty Theatre Company (9TTC) accepts submissions from March to May each season. Please note that due to our small staff we are unable to respond to submissions that are not accepted. Please adhere to the guidelines below. Send submissions in either a .doc or .pdf format to In respect of our commitment to the environment please do not mail submissions to our office.

9TTC produces works that incorporate environmental issues as part of the part, characters, or theme. We are uniquely dedicated to Eco Theatre, connecting humanity and nature, in various forms. We accept original one acts, and full length plays and musicals.

We do not accept one-person shows, children's shows, screenplays, or works without environmental themes. 9Thirty Theatre Company also does not produce works that have already been produced in New York City.

To have your work considered, please submit the following as one file:
• cover letter, including your contact information
• brief synopsis of piece (500 words or less)
• character descriptions
• 20 page dialogue sample
• brief production history of the work (if applicable)
• bio for yourself and any other collaborators

Metlife Nuestras Voces
Deadline: June 1st

Since 2000 MetLife Foundation and Repertorio Español joined forces to establish The MetLife Nuestras Voces National Playwriting Competition to discover -our voices- the best Latino plays and bring them to the attention to the American theatre community. These original works relate to Latino culture, history and life in the United States while at the same time reflecting the universality of the human condition. It has been our privilege to promote and develop new plays and encourage bright new talent by providing this forum.

Plays that do not meet these requirements will not be considered.
- Playwrights may be Latino or of any other ethnic or racial background as long
as the play’s subject matter and characters resonate with Latino audiences and
accurately depict the Hispanic experience.
- No screenplays, one act plays, musicals, adaptations or translations will be
- New and un-produced plays preferred. Plays that have had readings or a
workshop production are acceptable.
- All plays must be original and full-length (minimum running time: 1 hr., 30
min) and can be written in Spanish and/or English.
- Playwrights must be at least 18 years of age and residents of the United States or
Puerto Rico.
- Previously submitted scripts are accepted unless they have already placed in
the top 10.
- Each script will be read by two qualified independent judges selected by Repertorio
Español, on a blind submission.
- Winners will be announced six to seven months after the deadline.
- Each participant will be notified of the results by e-mail. We request that participants
do not contact the office to inquire about the competition’s results.

Round 1: Finalists will receive a staged reading at Repertorio to further develop the script.

Round 2:
-Grand Prize Winner: $3,000 and a full production at Repertorio Español
-2nd Place: $2,000
-3rd Place: $1,000

Email Your full name
*Your phone number
*Your cell phone number
*Your mailing address (street address, city, state, zipcode)
*How did you hear about the competition?
*Title of play
*4-6 line synopsis
*4 -6 line description of how your play relates to the Latino / Hispanic American community
Send the following as an attachment:
o One ELECTRONIC COPY of your script
(PDF, Microsoft Word, Plain or Rich Text Formats Accepted)
o The ELECTRONIC COPY of the script must have numbered pages and a title page that lists the
title and year the play was written ONLY.
o Please OMIT your name from the script
Do not send other biographical information or reviews
Unfortunately, we cannot accept changes or re-submissions once the script has been submitted.

Email to with the subject line: Nuestra Voces “Title-of-Your-Play”



Deadline: May 30th
The Stella Adler Studio of Acting is currently accepting applications for the 2014-2015 Harold Clurman Playwright-in-Residence. This is a collaborative residency that is mutually beneficial to the mission of the studio and the playwright. We are seeking playwrights who:
- are in their early careers
- are unpublished
- have not yet had professional productions other than those using the showcase code
- have a vested interest in working with a community of artists
- are interested in engaging in a discussion about how the studio can support and challenge their work
While this is a merit-based residency search, we are particularly interested in diversity – diverse writers, voices, viewpoints, perspectives. The studio is interested in co-designing a residency with the playwright that will support and challenge their process. The course of the residency is not regimented, but may be described as “playwright’s choice” within the resources and capabilities of the studio. Past participants have chosen some of the following:
1) a series of readings on a play written during the course of the year
2) a series of readings on a variety of plays/pages
3) writing a new work for an ensemble of graduate level actors
4) a showcase production
The resident will engage in a discussion with the Artistic Director and other staff to explore what activities might be most helpful to their process during the year. Residencies typically begin in September and culminate in June. Resident playwrights receive a $1000 stipend and have access to the Studio’s space, members of the Clurman Lab Theatre Company, and student actors for readings and workshops.
Completed applications must include a required application form, a full-length, polished but unpublished play (a full-length play is one that constitutes a full evening of theater; a 90-minute one act play is acceptable); a statement of objectives of no more than a page discussing how you would benefit from a collaborative residency at the studio; and a brief biography emphasizing your history as a playwright. Playwrights must read and agree to the Letter of Agreement before applying. By applying for this residency, playwrights confirm that they have read and agree to the Letter of Agreement.
Your play submission should be “blind”. The cover page should ONLY include the title of your play. This copy will be shared with the committee of play readers who will not know the authors of the plays they are reading.
Completed applications must be received by Friday, May 30, 2014.
Applicants will be considered for the playwright-in-residence position as well as:
- participation in the First Breath New Play Reading Series (Spring 2015)
- participation in the Teen Program Ten-Minute new play program (Summer 2015)
Send complete applications to: with subject line PLAYWRIGHT-in-RESIDENCE
Please note: Paper applications will not be accepted; all applications must be sent via e-mail