Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Black Mismanagement Mafia

They are here, they are here. 
Have no fear. 
They come to take a check,
get a bump,
grab a mic, 
and make some lumps.
They are the black mismanagement mafia. 

The black mismanagement mafia!
Now mis-serving and swerving,
under-educating and coon-gesticulating
misleading and bull shit feeding you
your local outrage, 
your latest social media share, 
your scandal and "oh, no she didn't-s"
Just pay no attention to the tiny hands in your pocket, my sheeple. 

Doing deeds in darkness 
but it soon comes to light.
Doing dirty in alleys
but the streets will make it right, cuz
the black mafia vampires its next victim.

Down goes another black org.
Black-on-black corrupt,
Black on black back-biting
Black on red bankrupt.  

The black mismanagement mafia strikes again. 
You know the BMM: old-timers and has-beens
with trunks stuffed with 'way back when,' stories
and 'when I marched with Dr. King.' 
And they've been riding that same march ever since.

They got a thimble full of management skills
 and ferocity to defend.
No, not you or advancement.
They are protecting their turf,
lifting their hind legs
pissing in your eyes,
pissing on your head,
pissing in your ear,
leaking that tangy hot stuff on your tongue.
They are marking their territory. 

They serve as honorary board members
for corporations needing a muzzled black face at the table,
spend most of their leisure squatting on 'blackness.'
They'll run any org into the ground
jamming cronies in every nook and cranny. 
Then they grab their burglar sack and head out
begging to the community for a bailout.

BMM runs the August Wilson Center in Pittsburgh, 
many of the NAACP chapters in this country, 
the SCLC
and even some HBCUs. 
They accept kickbacks and airtime, 
but no responsibility for bringing down 
stanchions, columns, and legacies created to serve.

They got their crowbars in your pocket. 
They got their shopping bags out
Pay no attention to the tiny hands 
running up and down your thighs
between your woman's legs
in your child's mouth
picking out loose morsels
with no morals. 

Pay no attention to jheri curl perm 
shaking like a tree after April rain
shaking with laughter.

Pay no attention to the wetness.
behind your ears.
Join hands in the spirit of Umoja
Join hands for thee ancestors
Hop on the good foot. 
Ashe. Ache. Ashanti. Asti Spumante
And where's my gotdamn pimp cup?!?

Until one day you're walking down the street
minding your own piss and stickiness. 
and the mafia meets you, cuz!
They are here, they are here,
strap up your gear.

The black mismanagement mafia greets you, cuz!
And, cuz, they got a hostage:
bedraggled and demented. 
Toothless and hoarse-voiced. 
Stick 'em up or black history gets it
right between the eyes.

Stick 'em up cuz…
you'll never get it. 

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Owa said...

They already destroyed August Wilson CT in Pittsburgh. I think now of the Jesse Jackson Klan. Jesse Jr steals money, buys a 40 Roller watch. His father tries to pull rank saving him jail time. No black news coverage dither