Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sonnet 4: Sharp minds encasing

By Tatiana Suarez-Pico

Sharp minds encasing the universe's dark matter
A time bomb
That hides behind a stutter
Restless arms patting their chest, landing in pockets with aplomb

Bodies disconnected from heads
Filling seats with empty air
While their faces rest, maybe on meds
Some just look up and stare

Knowing what I must do, I reach for the matter between their eyes
A thick string of dark gold
They're suprised by how wise
Is their mold

The end is only the beginning
For them, the key, is believing.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sonnet 3: Quiet Cold Morning

By Aurin Squire

Quiet cold morning

spin left out of bed

exhale warmth pouring

from the top of my head

creaky knees, hips sore

stuffed nose blue

reached out for the door

instead of walking, flew

offering bowls overflowing

incense tips red smolder

meditate to know where I'm going

Red Lady appears. I hold Her.

We dance on winds beginningless
Spinning, twirling, vanishing into emptiness.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sonnet 2: Empty and bleak

By Tatiana Suarez-Pico

Empty and bleak
Blank stare to adjust my eyes
Feeling so weak
A light so white, it cries

Wasted afternoon
I'm levitating inside a cloud
Nothing but a monsoon
A depressing mound

I'd rather be
In a colorful world
Materials to see
Sequins hurled

Eyes closed, I breathe in
All that I feel is comin'

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sonnet 1: Anniversary

By Aurin Squire

This is one of those awful poems of sobriety

We're allowed one every once and a while.

October 15th is 2 years of piety...

well, not quite. But I say so with a smile.

That's 730 days roughly, approx 16, 120 hours

Around 967,200 minutes etceteras mounting

58,032,000 seconds up on a tower

Infinite offers, flirts, suggestives declined but....who's counting?

Do I feel stronger?

Am I a genius yet?

Oct. 15th comes much longer

Each year it's easier to forget

And I guess that's progress, not perfection:
A modern man learning to control his own erection.

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