Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sonnet 12: Simple Country Fool

By Aurin Squire

In "Decameron" the simple country fool falls into a shit hole

Ahhh, that's life for sure. Thrashing and screaming "Ayudame!!!"

Stripped naked, homeless and all his money stole

Running through the night streets, broken in one day

Came upon 2 thieves robbing a bishop's tomb, cleverly crafting

They convinced him to climb in with Christ Dead for profit

Fool tossed out the gems and they ran away laughing.

That's life: screaming from a stone grave, covered in shit.

Three jittery n' jinxed thieves came and unsealed the tomb

The naked, slimed fool lay waiting in the dark

He dug his teeth into the thief's foot, making a nasty wound

And 3 thieves ran screaming from the bishop's raided ark.

Out of came our laughing fool with the bishop's ruby ring shining bright

This is life: singing, running naked, filthy/rich into the night.

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