Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Sonnet 34: Diving for Pearls

I vigil'ed at the wide mouth of Biscayne
 as African storms stirred the tea-brewed swirl
from my heart's view perched at window pain
i leapt and plunged for my saltwater pearl.

Diving into fathomless pirate caves,
for rotting treasure chests filled with plunder
descending depths past the unmarked slave graves
where Spaniard explorers hid our wonder.

Study your love's ancient cartography
longitudinal's meridian source
choking sargassum weeds matted your sea
 I swam passion's mysterious dark course.

My first gasp arising with jewel-filled nets
I pawn treasure to pay my lover's debts.

- By Aurin Squire

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