Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Sonnet 32: A Sista is Tipsy and Talking Freely

"It is a scientifically known fact...
that it's impossible for Me 2 get
on UR nerves when U sleeping on my mat
ate my food..." (she pauses for effect)

"You shacking up here, and ain't laying no pipe
Ain't licking no cat, ain't pitching no tent.
Did mama not ever teach u how 2 wipe?
Ain't nothing going on but the rent...

And ur dusty bags are still by the door
for ur easy access departure. Soon
 u'll be on another chick'nhead tour
don't even trip 'n think we're ace-boon-coon.

Another raggedy good-4-nuthin'
Stella's groovin' but need more luck w/ men.

- By Aurin Squire

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