Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Sonnet 12: Ptolemy, Angel - Pt. I

This is Part One of a series of sonnets
that will make up a finished children's
epic tale “Ptolemy, Angel”

In a land far away, over the sea,
In a summit high over the mountains,
Where the human eye could not dare to see.
There lived an angel who cared for the stars,

Tended to the moon and watched the quasars.
To her, this was a life that was simple
And plain. But she excelled in all of her tasks
And took special care to never complain.  

But there is a twist in every tale and
Here it all began on one tragic day.
Where all the stars faded out, the quasars
Went dark and the moon slowly went grey.

She waited for days and there was no change
So she left her post - since this was quite strange.

- By Donavue

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