Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Sonnet 40: Infernal Phantasm

Un-sheath their silver perfidious tongues
whose beauty masks assassins' cunning wrath.
Razor-thatched walls echo hell hymnals sung
debaucheries decree witches' sabbath.

Prepare the tables for murderer's feast,
entrails unspooled over oxidized swords.
Byzantine ramparts cloak chimeric beasts
that sip violet venom from skull-hewn gourds.

Butchers slaughter and de-bone wild black boars
crack the ribs open as the parasites crawl
on suitors' flesh burrowing in their core.
Orgiastic horrors paint canvass'ed sprawl.

The unsaved ghosts howl catechism-ic grim
Lost souls wanderlust for Jerusalem.

- By Aurin Squire

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