Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Sonnet 10: Mozart @ Rush Hr

Lazy whiskey bitch grooves of Janis Joplin
I swing axe-pick Gibson guitars chopping
down passengers on subway platforms n'
stride to rush hr. junkie train hopping.

Bone-rattlin' bucket drummers bang bugs
out cum-covered cracks that blink.
choirs of punks n' gangsta-posing thugs
sagging pants revealing g-strings that wink.

2 Drag queen falsettos in tea room croon
Buddhist saint Sarasvati sings kisses
showering Purple rain mantras maroon
acid requiems and Jackson 5 wishes.

2 all Ol' Dirty Bastard's in heaven
music makes all angels n' sinners kin.

-By Aurin Squire

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