Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Sonnet 15: Bound (experimental)

“Young writers find their first audience in little magazines,
and experimental writers find their only audience there.”
- Robert Morgan

Are you bound to him -- or is it he who
Requires your fringe? This is an authentic
Uncertainty. The conclusion I drew
Will be complete, when I can construct it.

Put down your beads and attempt to expand
Your view. These ideas are bound to you.
And if you think you have  a psalm in hand
It may do well to see. He, is bound to thee.

Bound to thee, bound to be, bound to be. Bound.
To be bound. To be, bound to be. Bound to.
Be bound to. Be bound to be, bound to. Be,
Bound. To be. Bound to be. To be. Holy.

- By Donavue

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