Saturday, April 21, 2012

"A Course In Miracles" and Buddhism

In Buddhism we get very technical and specific about how to move the winds and channels in the body to achieve certain results. The past year I've been reading these quantum physics books, and A Course In Miracle, as well as Gary Rennard's The Disappearance of the Universe.  In reading these texts I find that they were perfectly describing the results that Buddhism says comes at a certain state. Exactly the same reporting from masters who have 'gone to that place' of enlightenment. 

A Course in Miracles approaches it slightly differently with the words of Christ. It's all about forgiveness on a pure non dualistic level (which is very Buddhist in some ways). It is forgiving the illusion. Forgiving the difficult boss who I created and is teaching me a lesson, forgiving this trouble, and that issue. Not condescending forgiveness which is poisonous. But true forgiveness and realizing we are all brothers of Christ and children of God. What is here isn't real and therefore is just an illusion. All there is, is God. 

And this isn't a God that created the world. Course states that karma created the world and that's that. God is formless, shapeless and sounds a lot like a codeword for dharmakaya or some sort of essence. And this God/emptiness is the only constant and therefore nothing else is real, so it must be forgiven. Or as one quantum physicists would say: it's the void that's full. The universe is empty. 

Forgive the mistaken belief that I am separated from God, b/c in fact I am not and never have been. This karma and constant reincarnation is a trick of the mind (Buddhist totally believe in this). And reincarnation was in the Bible for most of its history until Catholic Church took it out hundreds of years later. And so this cyclic thing is happening b/c of my own guilt, the constant shifts in my life are little guilt trips that trigger separation and division to appear on all levels. 

I separated from God (Big Bang) and set off a chain of events that occurred and arose the universe. In separating all time and space was created at once. My mind organizes it into a linear fashion to make sense of the universe. It is my guilt of separation and fear (God's gonna get me) that keeps me cycling around. It's what runs this world of the 20,000 illusions, shifting relationships, and separation. Fear from this guilt is what creates up and down feelings, something pleasant that must always change. So the big forgiveness lesson is with myself. I am not guilty. I am innocent. When the voices comes, when the illness comes, when mishaps come that trigger that voice of doubt/guilt which is my ego, I remember that I am innocent. 

God is...

And everything else IS NOT. So I forgive that which IS NOT, b/c it's not real. 

They say my guilt plays itself out with sickness and every dilemma. Anything that troubles or disturbs my peace is coming from that guilt/fear from the initial separation. And all of eternity is waiting. Eternity is right here waiting, for me to strip away my 'illusory guilt' which causes cancers and death, and all forms of separation. This, of course, isn't happening on a conscious level. The mind is massive and sets into motion events that will happen in this life based on that guilt. And my purpose here is to forgive. Forgive and remember: I am innocent. 

I find this works REALLY well with Buddhist studies. This is a Jesus I like and completely know. Not the condemning one, but one who is saying "I am Christ. And so are you." Then what could worry me in a long-term way if I am Christ? Would Christ care about sexual orientation, what nation I come from, what I eat if I'm talking about pure non-dualistic love? All that stuff is dualistic, set to confuse and separate, intended on perpetually re-enacting the initial separation that set everything into motion. The world is filled with outrage, scandal, war, and separation. And it must be forgiven on the purest level.

Supplementary book "The Disappearance of the Universe" is very powerful and goes through Course in Miracles at a more digestible level. The Course is very thick and big and takes a year or so to work through it. I have been feeling lighter. 

When I see scandal I forgive it. Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman: forgive it. Republicans wanting to cut taxes for rich and end programs for the poor? Forgive, forgive forgive. Truly forgive and realize that I will still vote, voice my opinion, but there isn't condemnation or rage. I am aware of the illusion and can't get enraged at it mirroring back my guilt. But when I forgive it, this illusion is released. Instead of getting sick 100 times, maybe I can get sick only 98 times and forgive it, remind myself of innocence and be released from the last 2?

At the very least, it makes reading the news and talking to people a lot easier. Anger is a call for love, so I give love. Love is a call for love so I give love. Everything negative is coming from a place of fear and guilt. So there is nothing to do but release it with forgiveness and then embrace it as Christ/Buddhamind/zero-pt field physics. God is formless, tasteless, colorless. All form comes out of duality so when I get to the level of ultimate forgiveness that is the 'disappearance of the universe' or 'clear light direct perception of emptiness' in Buddhism. The universe dissolves away b/c all duality has been released and with that there is only one thing: God. 

God is.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I needed this! Best reguards on your journey...

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I have studied/taught ACIM since June 1977 and had interest in Buddhism since 1970. I have deepened my Buddhist studies/mindfulness meditation/explorations and am coming to the same conclusions that you do, but from the perspective of more familiarity with ACIM than Buddhism. During a very "miraculous" time in my studies (1978-1980) I received similar information to some of the things Gary Renard brings out in "Disappearance" - there is really nothing in the universe that we can not know if it is in our best interests and directed by "the Holy Spirit" (Thich Nhat Hanh likens the Holy Spirit to the energy cultivated in mindfulness. Over the weekend I read Thich Nhat Hanh's "Living Buddha, Living Christ" - & found it very helpful, and I am wondering if he has read/studied ACIM - I would not be surprised. I am about to complete the umpteenth time through the Workbook, but the first time being able to keep to one lesson per day! I believe that I am going through a purification process which is part of the process in opening a clear channel to Christ/Holy Spirit, which appears to be similar to the purification that accompanies Buddhist practice.

Again, Thank you very much, Blessings, Sherry

Unknown said...

This is extremely helpful and encouraging! I am about to begin the course. I am very familiar with Buddhism in theory and can't wait to pair the two! Thank you again! - love and light M

Unknown said...

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Aslay Sin said...

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Aslay Sin said...

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Peter Jordan said...

The workbook (practical application of the text) takes a year to go through it but the Course? 15years and you are still a beginner.
My advise: chose your path and stick with it. If you mix your paths you are building conflict into your thought system

Anonymous said...

Love this! Thank you.

Chef-doctor Jemichel said...

Thank you for your presentation!

Found this page among my top search results for "ACIM+karma" as I wanted to see what the Course might say about karma. As far as I know the Course doesn't have anything to say about karma and only speaks of "cause and effect." In light of this I'm interested in knowing what your source might possibly be for saying: "Course states that karma created the world and that's that."

Warm regards!

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