Saturday, May 27, 2017

Why Dems Keep Half-Stepping, Capitulating, and Losing

2002: Iraq
Left-wing: The Bush Admin is completely lying about Iraq and trying to get us into a war off of B.S.

Mainstream Dems: Okay, let's moderate our tone. We have to win the next election and calling the president a liar isn't going to do that b/c ppl don't like shouting in this country. You sound hysterical.

Right-wing Retrospect: Well of course we lied a little bit, but let's move on. That's in the past. Old news. Boring. Yawn.

Left-wing: Corporations are destroying American infrastructure. Occupy Wall Street! Fight for workers' rights!!

Mainstream Dems: Ok, let's moderate our tone. We have to win in 2012 and screaming about income inequalities makes us seem crazy. People don't lie shouting and you're making us seem like communists. Poorly-educated voters will eventually figure out why their lives are going down the drain without you shouting about it.

Right-wing Retrospect: Well of course your lives are being Mexicans. They are the reason why you're poor. BOO!!!

Left-wing: OMG, the entire Trump presidency is a fraud and has committed treason. Impeach.

Mainstream Dems: Okay, let's be careful about what we say. No one likes a shouter. You sound crazy and we have to win the next election. And we will do that if we just moderate ourselves.

Right-wing Retrospect (2018?): Okay so he may have been a Russian agent, but you know who is the real Russian men with saggy pants. Amirite? We gotta stop them! BOO!

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