Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sally Yates Testimony

-The timeline is devastating for Trump.
-Sally Yates warned the White House about Michael Flynn repeatedly. On two occasions she directly told them that the man in charge of our nation's security was compromised by Russians and was receiving highly classified info. And they fired her.
- Trump fired Yates b/c Flynn's corruption was NOT rogue. He WAS the voice of a administration that is still compromised by Russians b/c Trump's entire business empire is built on dirty Russian money.
- VP Pence was in charge of approving Flynn's security clearance and then leaked Flynn's firing. He did that on purpose b/c he is at fault and was trying to cover himself for making this criminal mistake (or intentional decision). Pence is the only one who had the info AND had a solid reason for leaking, which was to cover his ass. Yates and others involved had no reason b/c they were doing their jobs, keeping their heads down, and they had the rule of law on their side. Also Trump is a master at accusing enemies of the very same thing he has done or is actively doing. If you look at any lie he has told about any opponent it is almost 100% projection of his own stuff. He is such a narcissist that he can not see someone else unless he is reflected in what that person is saying or doing. Trump administration imitates this lying technique by projecting loudest over the thing they were doing, especially when panicked. Last night he was tweeting about Russia helping out the DNC...right before Yates testimony. That is his entire administration and they have been the ones talking about 'leaks' b/c they were the ones who did it to save themselves.
- There are probably tapes of Flynn talking to Russians and there are certainly banking intercepts of him being paid by both the Russian and Turkish gov (which is why British Intelligence and all 17 US intelligence agencies are so solid on Flynn's corruption).
- Knowing Trump's cluelessness, there are probably tapes of many other officials making promises to the Russians, maybe even of Trump himself making promises in exchange for personal business favors.
- The GOP is still holding on to some hope that they can get out of this scandal by blaming Obama, ignoring the issue, and/or trying to switch the focus to 'who leaked' (it was Pence by the way). It's not going to work. Sally Yates, Barack Obama, and too many people with integrity, intelligence, and knowledge of the law are working for the truth.
-Indictments are coming...with or without the Congress.

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