Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester Attacks

The Manchester attacks are the result of religious nihilism. There are many people who have nothing to believe in except  pain. Suffering is the form of devotion for dead-enders and extremists. They look at their life and identify God as an agent of destruction who is punishing a world that lacks obedience and purity. They think path to paradise is through 'cleansing warfare.' This philosophy has existed since the beginning of mankind and it's in every religion. I don't know if there is any comprehensive, systemic change that can be made to stop a lone wolf attacker with a bomb in Manchester any more so than you could come up with a program to stop the unprovoked neo-Nazi who killed Black ROTC officer Richard Collins III. What scares me about terrorism is our long-term reaction. Terrorists are psy-op fighters. They depends upon our ignorance, anger, and fear. ISIS knows it can never win anything by lone wolf attacks like Manchester or running people over in Nice or even taking credit for the Orlando shooting. You can't conquer a city with suicide bombers. You can't overthrow a government or get people to believe your views with car bombs. Terrorism depends upon stirring hatred into rage and then letting that same rage destroy the targeted society from within. Con artists, liars, and thieves then take that societal rage and say 'I have an answer for you' and further compound the tragedy by preying on the public. We become convinced that if only we had more police, higher walls, less rights then we wouldn't have to be scared. Reasonable people will gave away their money, votes, and freedom for the hopes of having less fear. 

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