Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Firing FBI Directory James Comey is an Obstruction of Justice: Impeach

We have now entered WATERGATE. Firing a FBI Director or Attorney General in the middle of being investigated is an impeachable admission of guilt.

Pay. Attention. Resist. Incite. Indict. Impeach.


1. call 202-224-3121, punch in zip code, get connected to Congressional Rep, and yell at them.
2. Text RESIST to 50409. You will get set up to text your message to Congress and it will be sent as a fax to all your representatives. Takes a minute or two, and if the line is busy, it will keep calling until it sends the fax.
3. March. Anywhere. Everywhere. March in your front yard in between sending faxes, texts, and phone calls.
4. CALL THE DEPT OF JUSTICE right now at 202-353-1555 to ask that Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein appoint a special prosecutor to oversee the ongoing investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.
5. READ ALT PRESS (many sources and sites know more than MSM)
-Palmer Report,
- Patribotic,
- Claude Taylor @Truefactsstated
- Andrew Laufer @Lauferlaw
- John Schindler @20committee
- Louise Mensch @LouiseMensch

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