Friday, May 5, 2017

The Pre-Existing Condition of Republicans

The House GOP just passed an Obamacare repeal that 1) most have not read 2) has not been scored by the CBO for fear of the catastrophic estimates on the damage the bill will have on America 3) had less than 48 hrs of debate and 4) excludes politicians and their families from the effects of the bill. They did it all to say they got back at Obama via 24 million Americans who will lose insurance and 200 million who will suffer a rise in premiums. The Republican party has become radioactively intolerant of women, the poor, middle-class families, urban voters, rural voters, basic facts, experts, science, and 99% of humanity... while sheltering their own families from the nuclear fallout of their disasters. So what are we going to do about it? While Dem activism has surged, conservatives and libertarians need to join in if we're going to have a real debate about the health of our citizens.

Unfortunately all of my conservative and Republican friends have been -as the kids say- quiet AF. Quieter than an "All Lives Matter" rally for a person of color. Quieter than a "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" at Fox News. Quieter than Melania Trump's tears. Quieter than Dick Cheney when he had the epiphany that he helped build the conservative media bubble of lies and now he's on the outside of the bubble banging on the soundproof glass as Trump plays with the nuclear buttons to raucous crowds of the misinformed mistrustful, and perpetually angry. Are you quiet because you're sick of all this winning? You got that victory flu? That winner's laryngitis? You're 3 months pregnant with success and you want to abort b/c you already got an entire nursery of wins? All those beauty pageant tiaras and prom queen sashes cutting off the circulation to your tongue? Are you sick of winning or are you just sick? Get used to being sick and sad: it's a pre-existing condition for voting Republican.

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