Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sonnet 61: What Can You Really Do But Laugh

By Matthew Paul Olmos

What can you really do but laugh
At the ridiculous of some people’s minds.
The way their mind lets the time pass,
Burrowing themselves into the land of denying.

When they speak you can hardly hold inside a grin
At how incredibly stupid they’ve allowed their thoughts to go
And you want so terribly to just say somethin’
But they are troubled and they will never ever know.

Their days are spent in the shadow of the population
Only seeing so many colors, sights, and sound
Wanting only to bury further into capitulation
They are forever happy to be left unfound.

And so they wander the underside of the Earth just like that,
Never realizing that with just the slightest effort they would see where they’re at.

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