Monday, April 26, 2010

Sonnet 59: Oh, What a Disaster!

By Matthew Paul Olmos

Oh what a disaster we can so quickly recognize

It takes not hours, nor minutes, nor moments

Like some unfamiliar scent in the air you can see with your eyes

And you know this is a wrong choice you’ve chosen

There is a twisting up in the clog of your throat

And crumpling down of the hope you had

There is a panic over your body whole

And your heart begins to grow a coldish gray over sad

And you wonder how your heart could have been so open wide

So blind and singsong

Off an on its own solitary lie

Singing some ridiculous song that goes on an on and on

And yes we should be so thankful for the lessons learned,

But really, what I want, is to set backwards my clock, turn and turn and turn.

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