Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sonnet 49: Emailing this morning to say 'I like you.'

By Aurin Squire

Emailed this morning to say, 'I like you.'
Long time since said without sarcasm.
Then I listed reasons we both knew
hoping to bridge our widening casym (sp?)

It feels so good to say it and submit
And not be all bottled up in my lock,
Waiting response over phone or in writ
sweet honey flowing from the hardest rock (i.e.)

Even if he runs, backs away, says 'no,'
Even if he un-friends me in cyberspace
I put it out there and gave it a-go.
Spoke myself into this flourishing place (e.g.)

Now, I'm in a lurch and left to worst-guess:
what if he runs, arms flung wide, and says yes!!!

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