Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sonnet 58: He Got So Angry They Had To Tie Him Up

By Tatiana Suarez-Pico

Grandpa is pretty much dead, they said
he got so angry they had to tie him up
his mouth was dry and he had peed on the bed
He looked asleep one morning, granddaughter asked if he needed a touch up?

he gave granddaughter a half smile
maybe it was a grimace, the words wouldn't come
another stroke had put him in exile
and left him completely numb

Grandma soon realized he might be gone
she sat stupefied with watery eyes
She looked like a child who's been punished and she stayed awake 'til dawn
she's gonna be alone and soon will come her demise

I sat down at the table to mourn him and as the tea kettle came to a boil I stood to up to watch it blow steam,
I pretended it was grandpa leaving this earth in a gleam

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