Sunday, October 22, 2017

Supporting the Troops vs. #supportingthetroops

ME: We have this blind and unquestioned admiration of the military, and in history that's usually a warning sign of a republic coming to an end.

WRITER #1: It's a internal rot to think that soldiers and generals are perfect. And the only people who believe that they shouldn't be question are people who didn't serve. People who serve know how much the military is mundane, filled with bureaucracy, and makes mistakes all the time. 

ME: It's easier to put all responsibility on the military than to make an informed decision or rely on the people. It's easier to just surrender all responsibility to figures of power.

WRITER #1: it's looking for daddy. 

WRITER #2: We just need someone like Obama.

WRITER #1: No, because that's just a nice daddy. But you're still serving someone else and giving up power.

I support our wanting them to come home, opposing wars conjured from lies to support corporate interests and oil looting, through using my first amendment right to speak out for our protected freedom if I choose to kneel/stand/raise a fist/pop a squat while someone sings our pro-slavery national anthem, by protecting gay officers and women serving from being harassed and killed, and wanting all of them to get a decent wage and proper health care. I support our troops in holding the bad officers accountable so their actions don't taint the vast majority of good people, by wanting troops used rarely and only as a last resort after all peaceful means have been exhausted. I support our troops by not using them as a political shields, cheap hashtag heroes, and one-dimensional GI Joe props.

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