Monday, October 9, 2017

Obama's Third Term

In many ways the Trump administration is giving Obama a third time in people's hearts and minds.
Another republican friend joked 'man, can we get four more years of Obama?' Hahaha. It's funny right? Now they feel regret for what they've done but -at the same time- will never admit it, apologize, or even commit to doing better in the future. It's just a backhanded 'oops, my bad, sorry about that rabid Tea Party, racist, sexist anti-fact hysteria that we fomented into the pustulating orange yeast of armageddon.' It's like if your partner cheats on you, steals your blender, goes off to live with their new piece, and then comes back a few years later laughing 'boy, did I mess up, huh? Hey, can I keep some of my stuff at your place?' It takes the compassionate strength of a hundred cat videos to resist the urge to punch them in the dick. Oh, now you want four more years?

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