Monday, October 2, 2017

Las Vegas: Massacre, Madness, and Message

Shooting 250 civilians in a microwave minute is not a 2nd amendment right. Las Vegas is the cruel result of the gun industry's blood money. Tweeted prayers, love platitudes, and ephemeral thoughts on grace are stalling tactics in the face of terror. Love of the American flag and anthem should compel us to protect our cities and citizens from this madness.

A Humanitas speaker said last spring that 'as artist we don't cure cancer or AIDS. The only thing we do is cure apathy...which is much worse than disease. Millions die every year simply because people don't care.'

While you're praying about Las Vegas here are a few things to do:

1. call the NRA's number at 800-672-3888. Select option #6 and then #2 to get to the Fairfax HQ. Then select 1 to hear directory to connect to specific ppl, 2 for legislative agenda, 3 to leave a message.

2. RESISTBOT is now on Facebook. Go to Resistbot FB page. You can fax and send letters to your Congressmen and Senators while checking your status. I just sent faxes to both of my Senators, and it took about a minute.

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