Monday, June 12, 2017

Trump: a Self-Incriminating, Self Immolating, Tornado of Subpoenas

Trump threatened an FBI Director with secret tapes of their conversation. The Secret Service is now saying that no such evidence exists and they're in charge of all White House recording (they were the ones who kept Nixon's tapes). Special Counselor Robert Mueller can subpoena Trump to turn over his imaginary tapes b/c they now count as evidence. If the evidence doesn't exist, Mueller or any Attorney General with a related case  can now go about serving subpoenas to every single person in the White House in regard to evidence, thus making their lives living hell by forcing people to hire lawyers, who will then advise their clients to protect their own interests and rat out any relevant info to save themselves. And then -after all that- if there are still no tapes, Trump is on line for witness intimidation by lying about tapes to bully a witness before their testimony. He has done this before so he has a legal track record of lying about tapes. That is how Trump's tweets are self-incriminating e-immolation. The lies since his inauguration have gotten worse and more egregious. He went from lying about crowd size (small stupid lie), to lying about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower (really stupid lie that burned all good will between him and the intelligence community), to now repeatedly lying about significant issues in the middle of an investigation that now is in the zone of perjury, obstruction of justice, collusion, and treason. If the GOP can not see the ever expanding legal tsunami he is creating then they deserve to go down with him. Oh and the ADs in Maryland and DC are now suing Trump for violating the Constitution and taking money from foreign investors so I suspect they will be looking around for evidence and handing out their own subpoenas. And this isn't even including NY AG Eric Schneiderman and what's going to happen once he starts handing out stacks of subpoenas for his RICO case.


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