Friday, June 23, 2017

Dems Need New Blood

I think the Democratic Party needs new leadership. I'm not saying this b/c their candidates have lost recently. All four of these off-cycle elections took place in staunchly GOP districts and the Dems outperformed on a statistical level that bodes well for them retaking the House next year. The reason I think the Dems need new leadership is b/c of what happened during Occupy Wall Street. And Black Lives Matter. And several other waves of grassroots, youth-inspired activism that was met with the blowtorch of so-called centrism, which is really just Dems pivoting to the right while ignoring their most passionate base. We are facing a chaos candidate and party. Their main tactic involves sucking up all the media oxygen by finding enemies, riling up their base, and keeping them in a constant state of delirious rage that shuts down all coherent and constructive debate. I think you beat rage-a-holic snowflakes in 3 parts: 1) vivid bold messaging 2) grassroots fundraising and activism, 3) and political moralizing. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are very smart but they do not have the skill for any of these things: they are keen legislators who speak like wise lawyers. They fundraise through major corporations, display a skittish reluctance on working with young activists, and staunchly refuse to moralize. I don't blame their line of thinking. It makes sense b/c the older generation of Dems grew up in a time when hippies where condemned as immoral, the white backlash agains the civil rights movement was well-funded and in full effect. But these are new times and the panic party of delirious rage can't be contained by sensible language from DC old-timers. Furthermore not only did Bernie Sanders campaign prove that small donations, moralizing msg, and socialism can get out young voters, but Obama employed the same tactic. In 2008, Hillary Clinton was the clear favorite and hired the most experienced Dem advisors. Obama's team out-hustled, out-muscled, out-msg'ed the Clinton campaign. Obama stole the momentum through caucuses, kept the spotlight, framed the news cycles around their issues, and won by having a smaller more passionate group of believers whose tenacity wore down the larger but softer group of Clinton supporters. Passion wins over numbers in a long-term battle. And youth is the way for bolder messaging, connecting to activist, grassroots fundraising, and keeping the fire burning during these dark and cold times.  

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