Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Hillary Clinton PAC, Rahm Emmanuel organizing congressional strategy, DNC quietly surrendering entire regions of the country uncontested to the GOP, no media strategy, no attempt to address income inequality or corporate greed, no Howard Dean or Bernie Sanders progressivism infrastructural support, zero attempt to galvanize young and angry Dems, Corey Booker is the black version of John Edwards: it's like a 1990s political horror movie for the Democratic Party. The only thing that can save Dems from their gross political incompetence is....Trump. He is the only thing that might allow them to pull out a victory. And I fear that even a modest victory will result in the Dem leadership learning nothing and continuing to bask in their smug, feckless political impotence. The DNC's inability to address the problems of young voters and people of color continues as they hopelessly (and poorly) pander to so-called white 'working class' voters who are metaphorically and quite literally dying from the racial-rot of their own privileged fragility. America's body politics needs emergency surgery and the Republicans are offering assisted suicide while Dems are pilfering Flintstone band-aids and Hallmark cards.

I was talking with a frustrated progressive friend last night. At the height of his fury against mainstream Dems he started using an alt-right word to reference the weakness of leadership: cucks. I squirmed. He said he meant 'cuck' in the classical sense of a short-hand for cuckold which is also a synonym for a weak and foolish man. But I objected because cuckold in American culture is irrevocably tied up with one thing: white male ego. And when cuckold is used it's also meant to signify not just weakness and not just male weakness, but white male weakness toward 'all else.' This 'all else' category includes women, radicals, but it's deeply rooted in juxtapositioning white male weakness next to black male dominance. He agreed with me and told me there is a whole porn genre that is labeled 'cucks.' And it's mostly white men being humiliated and demeaned as their white wives have sex with a black dick. The fetish thrill (or sickness) of cuck porn is that the husband is forced to watch his wife get dominated by a BBC (big black cock). And this enrages the husband and castrates him. A quick search on my phone showed me that there was this whole sexual underbelly to the alt-right appropriation of 'cuck' because it plays into their socio-economic as well as sexual fears. It is impossible to address that bundle of horrors with facts and logic. When an issue penetrates the social as well as the sexual it becomes something that most American men can not even deal with in a direct manner, so people talk around it.

And at the same time the word does embody the awful and ridiculous fetish driving the alt-right's paranoia.  It also underlies the feeling that many people on the right and left are having: that the system is betraying them and their politicians are just pushovers for much more brutal violent forces. 

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Ninefortyfive said...

It helps to explain some of the animus against Obama, and the alt-right's need to "restore" the WHITE House. (Emphasis added)

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