Thursday, June 8, 2017

Comey Day Highlights (from Senate Testimony)

1. Attorney General Jeff Session is under criminal investigation on multiple fronts. He perjured himself and colluded with foreign agents.

2. every single thing Trump has done since the start of the Russian probe has exacerbated and hastened the investigation. If he did absolutely nothing he would be in a much better position; that means if he left Comey alone, didn't play 'Godfather' in the White House by arm twisting intelligence officials, and if he stayed off Twitter, he might have gotten away with colluding with Russians and being apart of an int'l money laundering network. The single biggest factor of chaos, corruption and disgrace in the Trump administration is the man at the top.

3. In some ways Trump's behavior seems like that of a guilty killer who keeps leaving clues for the detective. It almost seems like he wants to get caught and we're engaging in some judicial S&M role playing game with naughty president who sends out a tweet and then looks at his mistress and says 'oops, did I do a bad thing? Will I be punished?' Don't worry Trump: Mistress Justice has got the paddle in the form of sealed indictments.

4. Comey and the entire intelligence community have a deep, seething mistrust of the commander in chief. And given the demo of the dept heads (older white men), most of the IC probably voted for Trump and is now regretting it.

5. we have 3 equal branches of government. Even though the executive branch is underwater and Congress is compromised, the judicial wing seems to be plugging away at its job in tandem with the intelligence community.

6. but until the indictments get unsealed and the handcuffs come out, the GOP will continue their game of 'whataboutism' in asking about Obama and Clinton's email in order to stall things long enough to pass Trumpcare, tax reform, and loot the public coffers. Trump is a suicide vest strapped to the party, but they're still trying to grab all the cash before he detonates.   

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