Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ujamaa and Sharing Wealth

Ujamaa. My mom told me about Daryl Davis, a Blues musician who converted 200 KKK members by talking to them. Part of me squirms when I see these stories glorified b/c I think 'why do the black people always have to be the saint, and why should I have to go out of my way and inconvenience myself b/c of their ignorance?' But I have to admit that I would much rather live in a nation filled with ppl like Daryl Davis engaging in communication, rather than existing in a culture of the righteously angry shouting/shaming the other side. Today is Ujamaa, collective economics. The underlying principle is shared wealth. But wealth is not just monetary. It is mental, spiritual, cultural. It is kindness. Money is, in fact, the easiest thing to share. Daryl Davis shared his wealth with these people...and with me. Ujamaa.

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