Monday, December 26, 2016

The Killer Year of 2016

RIP George Michael.

Umm, I'm gonna sound like a jerk saying this but....a year is not an active thing. It's not a person who is doing something, a killer snatching David Bowie, a fiend tripping Prince, or a secret agent rigging the election. I'm not being cute and I know people are not stupid. I know we're half joking when we 'damn 2016 to a fiery hell' but its reached a critical mass online that makes me think this joke is starting to creep into the mediated cultural subconscious, like some sort of hocus-pocus displacement of real feelings into numerological superstition.

Last year people were saying 'goddamn 2015! Next year will be better.' And before that ppl were cursing out 2014 for being a lil bitch. There are active things and agents making our world more tragic and ending lives prematurely and this joke feels like its a way of flipping helpful healing grief into the usual reactive anger at an abstraction. Are we gonna start blaming days of the weeks or months for tragic events that happen on them ('fuck you September. I'll never forget the way you did me dirty' or 'I never liked 12:34pm').

I can't wait until 20 yrs from now when there are no fish in the ocean so I can blame the year instead of the actual cause. So a precursory fuck you to 2037!! And eat it, 2050 when Florida sinks into the ocean and there's no longer a US eastern seaboard.

Anyway, back to listening to George Michael as our planet burns to the ground -from a contrarian in mourning.

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