Saturday, December 31, 2016


2016 was a strange dichotomy. As the geopolitical and cultural world went to hell, my personal life went in the opposite direction. In the areas of career, creativity, spirituality, health&wellness, philanthropy, and relationships (which I usually do not mention online on purpose) I felt myself growing. Words like 'abundance' and 'prosperity' has become hackneyed and trite thanks to religious charlatans. And yet those twin terms apply to this year which was the best. BEST YEAR. Not even close, which is a funny thing to say b/c prior to this turn around the sun, 2015 was THE BEST YEAR. And prior to that, 2014 was the best. This doubling has happened ever year since about 2006, when I took a year off to take care of family issues and focused on helping others solely, while disconnecting from my own immediate wants. In the echo chamber of this holographic universe, I have felt the multiplication of that kindness by so many collaborators, colleagues, partners, and teachers. Thank you. To the numerous charities I worked with and contributed to this year, to the 3 play productions, 2 tv shows, 2 theatre awards, one workshop at the O'Neill, one induction into the freshman class at New Dramatists, one screenplay deal, one love, one Lama in Venerable Lobsang Chunzom, one body of wellness. And even more amazing than my own story has been seeing my friends thrive in TV, theatre, film, journalism, marriage, yoga, wellness, and family. It's a lot more fun to be amongst people who complain less, work more, succeed beyond expectations, expand, and encourage me to do the same. May the upward spiral continue into 2017 and expand out to more friends, family, strangers, and even enemies. Be Christ. Be Buddha. Be love. Kuumba!

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