Saturday, April 18, 2015

Vulgar Folks

1st whip n' piss of spring on my subway.
Goat-stench of a man staggered up,
yanked his licorice black cock
into fluorescent view.

Passengers scramble to the other side
but I stayed close and cozy,
a curious need for depravity.
Warm waves from his spongy pink slit
splashed across the floor
lapped against the steel pole.
I considered tossing Old Faithful out,
as he was in the high-tide of mid-piss
...but that we would be rude.

Stuffing his exhaustion back into jeans
the goat-man grabbed a glob of vaseline
from his wet pockets and smeared
the yellow congeal over his face into
a shiny mask of petroleum.
he spread across his head and down his neck

I got off train and the streets were blocked off
police tape and roving cops circumambulate
an ominously isolated van in middle of road
and the words 'SWAT Team' being mentioned.
And all this after a folk song musical
that Disney-fied Woodie Guthrie and his life.

The most vulgar act of the night was the musical.

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