Thursday, April 16, 2015


they are parched past participle
Dessicated dehydro jangling on
strings of half-chances.
shadow puppets animated
by southern sultan with caravans
of harems, wenches, and briefcases
bulging with aphrodisiac sacks.

get that drip drop opp,
hang on a hair of hope,
whisper in a dog whistle.
fishhook minnowing miracles
masquerading as Moby Dick.
when only trace remains,
chalk shadows as outlines
of sidewalk corpses splattered.

starving people fight over scraps.
and brothers scrap for loosies
and lost causes between pauses.
fed from crumbs swept off
master’s table and stomped down floorboards
dogs eat down here below the house
in this trench of tripe,
offal and hookworm bellies.  
hushpuppies tossed to night,
send the wolves away from servant slaves
cooking in the smoked hut behind the big house.

this is a hunger that eats itself.
intestine envelopments constricts
acid dissolve tongues and lets us drink

our own tastes and famine.

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