Sunday, April 26, 2015


I’m trying to tell a story
but the words get in the way.
Indented implies and royal pauses
implicate language’s conspiratorial play
to confuse and obscure the causes,
of rubbish gathered from the day.

I’m going to build a skyscraper
rising unending stacks
tower of babel is a series of floors
swaying paragraphs that crack
as mounting meter of rampart soars
iambic measures we track.
I’m slowly daming this river
whose currents never cease
logic and lyrics vortex pool
divert me from the path of peace
and roping myself with trade and tool
to streams of tales I release.

I’m whipping this beast to tame
unbridled animals rage
lashing scars of meter rest
saddling the wild sage
that keeps the gallops best
on to this domesticated page.

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