Thursday, April 30, 2015

These and Those Animals

Take offense to looters smashing storefronts and kicking car windows.
Compelling cinema on your hi-def flat screens.
The masked thug marauding through nightmares excuses your fear.

Drunken mob.
Biker gangs.
Lynch party.
Unwashed hordes.
Deviant Huns.
Mau Mau Mongrels.
Animals (according to my friend)

Shaka Zulus decapitating orphaned babies out of Darwinian mercy.
It's more primal to fear animal behavior than human designs.


The abstraction of evil lurks in the line items.
Bill riders, amended clause, and fine print.

The fine print is not evil.
It is just so small that you don't see the damaged planned. 
Etchings on the back of the eyelids extincting cultures in legalese
so clean that the abomination seems preordained.

No one has nightmares about the fine print.
Basic user agreement and the long scroll to the bottom.
Click the 'yes' box.


Animals haul TVs and computers out of gashed security gates.
Viruses carried in the microchip unleash more carnage than any riot.
We don't fear the TV maker, manufacture, or media mogul.

But if violence and bad dreams disqualified one from the human race,
then I know a few parliaments and parlors as gilded zoos.

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