Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quantum Physics and Buddhism

Before going into retreat I began studying a quantum physic tool of consciousness called Matrix Energetics. I found it very inspiring and easy (just make measurements and collapse waves of information, while noticing). Before retreat I tried it out on my friend who found out she had a cyst in her eye. Several cysts, in fact. I called her from Miami and asked which eye and we played with some 'two-point' work. We then collapsed the waves of consciousness, stepped back, don't place judgment, and let go. I asked her a week later how she felt and she said the cysts were gone. Okay, I thought, maybe this is a new tool kit in my spirituality. Then I went to my friend who just badly broke her ankle. Once again. We noticed, collapsed and stepped back. She said her ankle felt shifted. By the way, I wasn't in the room. Both situations we talked over the phone, got a visual, drew it up, and played with it. For the ankle I was, in fact, laying on Haulover Beach with the Matrix Energetics book on my blanket and collapsing measurement over the phone. After all, it's quantum physics and time and space are 100% malleable. Perfect for Buddhist, where all is empty.
Well while in retreat I fell down the stairs. Badly. Really badly. I was laying on the ground and it's a silent retreat so it's not like I can scream or even call for help. Searing pain stifled into deep gasps. I drew up the matrix energetics and created portal back to when I first woke up. Then I kept stepping through to that time when my back wasn't screaming. I managed to get up. Felt a bit better. Kept stepping through that door, making 2-pt measurements on my back, collapsing measurement. Things shifted, an hour later I was back on meditation cushion for another 3-hr session. Meditating for 12-16 hrs a day and things just flew. True, I had an enormous lump on my back, but it didn't hurt. It was just fluid. This sounds crazy but falling down stairs was one of the best things that ever happened to me. My meditations became intense, focused, my purpose clarified, and things just flowed. Everything shifted. I also played with my Dad who had a lot of blood clots in his legs that caused him pain. I played with it, drew up some holograms, and sat back. When I got back to Miami my mom said 'what bloodclots? Doctor says he doesn't have any blood clots.' I asked my Dad and he looked at me confused, no, not hurting.
After retreat I taught some meditation and dharma at Aqua Nicaragua, resort my friend works at, and toured around the country for a few weeks. Another matrix energetics thing was that were in the jungle. Constant insects and animals. Everyone getting bit, stung. Nothing is happening to me. Well, the insects would fly on me and I would politely remove them or wag my finger like at a mischevious child. One day a guy asked me as he swatted away mosquitoes and batting a pesky wasp, 'how come you're not getting stung?' I shrugged. I have no idea. Glorious thing about Buddhism and this quantum physics stuff is that both state explicitly: you don't have to know how it work for it to work. I have no idea why people are getting stung, putting on repellant, and I'm just sitting there. Ironically, you know when I did start getting annoyed at mosquitoes? The few times I put on insect repellant offered at the resort. You can guess what I did? Stopped putting on insect repellant and then returned to the state of being unharmed.
We then went to the Poconos for some fire purification and closing ceremonies. My asthma would kick up again at night. Pollen, hot summer, dust in cabin. I two-pointed my chest and fell asleep. Next night, my chest was a little bit looser. Still I two-pointed it and dropped off to sleep. By the end I wouldn't even have to physically two-point. I would just draw it up in my mind and fall asleep. I'm beginning to think that this 'healing stuff' and shammanistic stuff and Buddhist stuff and Quantum physics stuff is all related. If we're all just patterns of light and information, then things can shift by measurements and creatvity. Of course, the karma is needed to shift but karma is also just patterns of light and information. If the karma is there, then the world is amenable to suggestions. Note, not my control. But things can be amenable to commands and suggestions, followed by getting out of the way and letting it go.
And just a few weeks before all of this started I was laying on Haulover Beach and asking open ended questions aloud (they say if you ask aloud open ended questions, answers will begin appearing). Suddenly, it was Nicaragua, teaching, meditation, Poconos, purification, matrix energetics. Like a tidal wave of answers to one question I asked aloud and let go of like a balloon.
Now I ask the question: what next? What next can I do to help, expand knowledge, and teach? Of course, I also say thank you. Enormous thanks for what was given. My Dad appears to have been stricken by several strokes over the last few years. I begin asking open ended questions: what if it were different? Hell, what if it wasn't even a stroke? What if this was some great big cosmic joke and what he really had was something entirely different. Just 'what if.' Not saying he can be 'cured' or that I will do it, or that praying will do it. But what if things aren't what they seem? After all a stroke is just an electrical disturbance of the mind caused by blockage. So what if things were to unblock? What if the electrical disturbance shifted? I take the measurement and let go.
I came out of the Poconos and had a 1 1/2 day stopover in NYC. Coincidentally it was the one day of the so-called earthquake. I taught mandala creation in the morning and went to lunch in midtown while the shockwaves were flowing. I didn't feel a thing. And then I left. Now I'm back in Miami for a few weeks and see a Hurricane about to hit NYC. Very surreal.
When I arrived back I went to my spot on Haulover Beach, which has become this free, tranquil spot. I laid there and asked what's next. I waited for my signals and then got in the water. I feltt the enormous charge of the ocean. I walked through the water. Little fishes began darting through my legs, following me as I walked  through the crystal clear. This is different I thought. I kept walking and meditating. Things were bumping against me. Soon I realize, they are jellyfish. No stinging, no pain, just bumping against me. Well, this is very different. Still I politely move away from jellyfish (don't want to be a daredevil about this). No one is in the water. Just me. Then a guy comes up and screams 'don't move!' He takes out a camera and begins filming. There's a manatee swimming alongside me. And I'm very near the shore. Now this is just surreally different, crazy! Fishes, jellyfish, and manatees. Oh my! I get out and see the purple flag. I go to the lifeguard station and see that the purple flag means 'dangerous wildlife in water.' Ohhh, so that's why I was the only one swimming.
This sounds crazy but these and many more experiences have been happening. Like kind, halo energy that attracts nice beings and protects. I am swimming in an ocean of jellyfish! A week later there's a guy next to me in ocean. He puts on his goggles. I warn him 'watch out for that jellyfish' and he dives in. Five second later he's badly stung and jumps up. He looks over at me with the question in his eyes: why aren't they stinging you? I shrug: I have no idea!

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