Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dream: Socks in the Trees

In this dream I was driving through a network of highways with others, who I can't remember. We're driving down a ramped road and pass by a tree. They're white socks hanging on the branches. I'm aware that they're my white socks and I panic. I pull the car over and very agitated. This is my missing stuff. They're socks and  underwear and shorts hanging up on this wall of tree branches. There are several more trees in a line underneath the ramp. In particular there are my pink shorts that I brought here to Nicaragua, my checkered shorts and some t-shirts. Also hanging up on this wall of branches are several beautiful oil paintings of jazz musicians. I begin snatching my clothes and paintings I find particularly attractive. I feel more at ease now as I gather all of my clothes back together in a pile. I don't remember how this dream ends by I walked away with some beautiful artwork.

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