Thursday, May 3, 2018

Trump's Enablers

Time and time again Trump gets ppl to lie, steal and completely destroy their reputation/finances/career for him. In only a few years he has laid waste to hundreds of high-level consultants, lawyers, political operatives, doctors, politicians, sons, daughters, journalists. Seemingly intelligent ppl are going bankrupt, mortgaging their houses, raiding their kid's college fund to pay for legal fees to cover-up his obvious lies. He gets ppl to literally pledge their loyalty to him and then fucks them over, dumps them, and move on. He's like the 'bad boy' in high school who breaks your heart and has a line of suitors waiting to get hurt. Does he have hypnotic powers? Is it really just money? Are ppl that easy to dupe or is there a certain class that enjoys being so blatantly used? I can't even get friends I've known for 10 yrs to take a subway transfer to meet me for lunch! I couldn't get a best friend to lie at Chili's and say it's my birthday so we could get free desserts. Meanwhile, ppl are lining up to light themselves on fire for someone who has ZERO loyalty or credibility. It. Is. Incredible. Where do these gullible ppl exist? Can I get a Costco card to pick up a 12-pack of these fools? Just think of the power I could have if I had access to these many enablers? I could take over the world, or start an off-broadway theatre company and pay off the NYTimes for rave reviews for mediocre plays that then trickle down into the theatre landscape for generations, or produce another awful Indiana Jones movie. Okay, I'm making a 'loyalty pledge' sign up sheet. If you wanna fuck with me, you gotta pledge unwavering devotion to all of my bullshit and say it's my birthday when we go to Chili's.

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