Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Decline and Fall of American Power

Trump pulled out of TPP, and the Asian countries in the deal said they would continue on without the United States.

Trump pulled us out of the Paris Agreement, and every single country in the world (with the exception of Syria) said they would continue on with the climate change agreement for the betterment of humanity.

Trump pulled us out of the Iran Nuclear Agreement, and all the other countries in Europe and Asia said they will still honor the agreement and continue on without the US.

In America, we tend to 'catastrophize' bad foreign policy news as being a disaster for everybody. Our egos make us think 'we are the world' and if we aren't in charge then there is a leadership vacuum and the ozone layer won't heal, terrorists will get nukes, our president will start WW 3, Asian nations won't be able to negotiate free trade. But something much more poignant is happening: we are getting left behind. Nature and diplomacy abhor a vacuum. In lieu of our incompetence, China gets more power, Russia becomes a world player again, Japan starts to craft deals with other Asian nations without consulting us, Africa nations just cut deals with other countries and forget about us as partners.

MAGA's isolationist racism is bad for business, politics, and negotiations. It's hastening our decline and ensuring the end of the American empire of power. And if you cheer the end of American power, just remember the vacuum of our leadership isn't getting filled by Western democracies. In our decline kleptocrats, international mafia conglomerates, and autocratic dictators have taken control. But the rest of the world isn't imploding b/c of American ineptitude. They are stepping over our corpse and going about their business.

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