Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trumpcare: DOA (2017-2017)

The reason why the Republicans don't have an alternative to Obamacare is b/c Obamacare is THE Republican Healthcare Plan. The conservative think tank Heritage Foundation created most of the components of Obamacare aka the ACA plan in the 1990s. Republican Gov Mitt Romney implemented a version of ACA in Massachusetts. This is why I don't like the ACA/Obamacare but can admit it sort of works in a quasi-free market, quasi-gov Medicaid sort of way. Obamacare was created back in the 1990s when the GOP was concerned about actually governing and creating feasible policy...and even then it took several years of effort from serious policymakers and wonks. The current Republican party has no governing wing. They have Paul Ryan powerpoint slides, polemicists, conspiracists, and propagandists appealing to the least informed and most reactive part of their base who don't have a basic understanding of governance. Nothing good can come out of anger, ignorance and entitlement...which is the GOP triad right now. We are seeing a breakdown in the entire political process b/c we have fomented a race-based, xenophobic, misogynistic toxic brew directly from the comment section of Breitbart and into our body politics. And it's killing us. But for now this poisonous kleptocratic klan has inadvertently saved Obamacare...which is actually the bipartisan policy of their political forefathers.

What is next for healthcare? There is only one feasible place to go from here and that's a single payer system. This is not hyperbole but a necessity. Left-wing allies are saying that Obamacare is a precursor to the single-payer but I am skeptical.  I am NOT saying get rid of Obamacare. But I am skeptical of it leading to the single-payer utopia.  Left-wing libertarians still believe in the 'deliberate speed' approach (an oxymoronic term from the civil rights era when desegregation was told to be happening with both speed and cautious slowness). I think the deliberate speed approach is a stalling tactic of the ruling class until they can think of another cultural scapegoat or create an even more complicated and circuitously confusing Rube Goldberg-contraption that reroutes the money into their accounts.

By the way liberal libertarians, 'deliberate speed' doesn't work. It's been 60 years since Brown vs. The Board of Education and our nation is still divided along race in schools, churches, neighborhoods, hospitals, and every single aspect of life.  The country remains largely segregated in fact (despite no longer being that way in law). This is 'deliberate speed' in action. If you think you're going to get a single payer system by being nice and capitulating to the powers that be, then let me introduce you to 400 yrs of Black History.

If there is any questions as to the next step then let me clear: you will NEVER get to a single payer system through Obamacare. Will not happen. Ever. And I acknowledge the program has helped people, but I am also talking about rising premiums and outrageous drug prices which are creating a long-term dilemma. If  you are fine with this stitched together Frankenstein monstrosity then guess what: you get to keep your plan. But any sideways efforts you make in approaching a corrupt system -like health care- will fail. Half-measured attempts will be co-opted, infiltrated, weakened, misrepresented, and appropriated back into the system in the most flavorless way so as not to disturb the profiteers.

When you have the numbers -and we the people do have the numbers- you must approach corruption head-on. Directly. You must swarm, surround, stun, and disarm completely. In the civil rights movements, Blacks were in the minority so we had to employ a different approach: getting fair-minded whites to see the issue through peaceful protests, a media campaign, and letting bigots attack blacks on camera to create moral outrage. But when you are in the majority, the 99% of Americans, there is no need to charm insurance companies with sweet deals b/c you are feeding the corruption. Direct, strong, focused action with simple goals: MEDICARE FOR ALL.

Medicare For. Every. Body. Man, Woman, child. No one left behind. Medicare for all.

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