Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Nil Age

I am relatively healthy, don't have any chronic conditions, eat well, meditate, don't do drugs or smoke. I know that I am probably paying more for health care so that I can help out people with more severe conditions, the elderly, those with bigger emergencies, addicts, and others. I am FINE with that. In fact it's an honor to think that I can be on one side balancing things out. At another point in my life I might be more reliant on health care and have to depend on young adults paying into to support me. Civic responsibility and pooling resources isn't some libtard fantasy. it's how a society survives. Why is this such a hard concept to grasp? I understand not liking taxes, but it seems like there is ever growing section of the population doesn't understand how that or anything works. It's like hating the rain but then being mad when the crops don't grow. One thing leads to the other. Cause and effect. And this cognitive dissonance has been replaced by the most base and destructive virus of greed. This virus deeper than Trump, the cruel healthcare bill, the initiatives to pollute public water, poisoning the residents of Flint. These are all symptoms of some basic misunderstanding. It is an Ionesco satire without a punchline. it is a primal scream of cruelty and madness incarnated into political infotainment. It is nihilism.

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