Friday, January 6, 2017

Scrota Age

I support the overall achievements of the ACA and acknowledge getting rid of it would cause havoc for the entire health industry. The logical and compassionate pt of my mind is 100% with the ACA. But I also have another pt of my mind. A visceral and reactive part of me that is my 'libertarian.' It's located somewhere beneath my waist. I don't like this pt of my mind b/c it is primitive, selfish, violent and 'doesn't give a fuck, just wants my freedom.' And when the ACA was passed in 2010 this 'libertarian unit' was howling: you mean I HAVE to pay for insurance. I was born with a body and now I HAVE to get it insured and pay money toward a big corporation b/c big gov is telling me. Or get taxed by government' and I could feel a growing heat inside of me just at the thought. My liberal friends said 'yeah it's like car insurance.' And I thought 'but purchasing a car is an option. Having a body is not. So I have to give my money to a big insurance company or get taxed by big gov.' My logical angels assuaged my libertarian by pointing out how healthcare works, how many ppl it would benefit, and there is no better alt without single payer system. My libertarian grumbled, put its gun back in the holster, kicked a chair over, and sat down. It would would have its day...and I hated that pt of myself for not only reacting like that, but knowing all it had to do was wait b/c so much of this country thinks below the belt. And now we are in a scrotal era: unholstered, howling, and mean. And a lot of ppl are going to get hurt.

I know the logic of forcing people to eat their vegetables, but it's also logical to expect them to rebel. I actually think if ppl are told to eat their vegetables they naturally resist or if you forbid ppl from 'being' without going to a big corporation for insurance that that instinctively makes some ppl really pissed off. If you give ppl a 'thou shall not' there's always a pushback...even if the 'thou shall not' is something really smart and helpful. "The other thing is that YOU DO NOT NEED INSURANCE. It is an artificial thing, it does not actually give you medicine, these ppl are not doctors. The sole purpose of insurance companies is to get between patients and doctors...for profit. There is something kind of evil about it b/c we need health and we need doctors, but you DO NOT NEED INSURANCE FOR HEALTH. Insurance companies have convinced us of this for their own benefit. What if you cut out the middle man and paid to doctor collectives where the money went directly to a core group of could save a lot of money from bureaucrats. What if there was a single payer system or socialized medicine?

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