Thursday, January 5, 2017

Battery Evening

After staying until the evening to watch a fantastic new episode in the editing bay I walked through the Paramount Lot. The leaves were rustling and guards were languidly biking down the empty fake 'NYC streets' with a soundless and unhurried serenity. Something quietly shifted in the air. When I got to my car, it wouldn't start. Hmm, different. I was not stressed or aggravated in the least... perhaps because of the premonition I had been waiting for something out the norm. I thought 'okay, this is interesting. I wonder what's going to happen?' I called the rental car place they said I probably left something on in the car, but I assured them I didn't. The security guards didn't have jumper cables so I called AAA (first time ever). The moment after my call ended my phone -which had half a battery charged- died. Kaput. So first a seemingly fine car and now a phone. Okay, sure. What do you have for me next? The AAA tow truck guy didn't have a battery he could sell me because he had run out. It was a busy day of battery replacement. He jumpstarted the car and told me I should drive it around for at least 45 minutes so that the battery can recharge. This seemed completely counterintuitive to me, which seemed to fit this day. It only takes me 10 minutes to get home so I drove around. On Melrose the traffic was being held up by 3 women dressed in bachelorette party attire (tiara and feather boa..or angel attire) who were standing in the street. They were protecting a dog that had parked themselves in the midst of traffic due to injury or being stunned, or perhaps their battery had suddenly failed them too. On Sunset Blvd there was a massive car crash, which I had never seen before. My eyes noticed a man carefully sweeping up the glass on the road. I pulled into a McDonald's drive through to use some more of my battery recharge time and got a late-night egg mcmuffin b/c it seemed fitting with the mood of things. I got home and the car is running fine. The phone is working again. I wonder if this was some sort of silent initiation, showing me symbols and moments to be meditated on for later.

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