Friday, January 20, 2017

It's Still About Hope

I was on the football, wrestling, and debate team when I was in high school. Whenever I had a big tournament or game at night I would get really sleepy in the afternoon and go into like a deep, long nap right after school. While other kids were bouncing around and listening to their Walkmans, I was usually passed out somewhere. And then I would wake up in a fever: red eyes and sweating... but also ready to fight. This afternoon I came back home and was thinking about Trump and the next four years: the attempts to loot the public coffers, eliminate art, spread guns and violence into every public area, foster mistrust, cut the safety net for the poor. I immediately knocked myself into a 4 hr nap. I woke up, blinked my eyes, exhaled into the cool rain-soaked night, and sighed 'I'm still here' to no one in particular. I ate dinner, went to the gym, committed to a plan of action tonight, over the weekend, and then for the long-term. I felt an enormous sense of peace and an unshakeable will of resolve. Self-care is the most important thing for an athlete, fighter, warrior, revolutionary, or a concerned citizen. It allows us to act with steady and sustained force. I am getting focused, I am putting on my armor, I am quoting "Scarface" (Miami thing), I am reading dharma. I'm still here. And I'm ready. #hope

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Alex said...

We got this brother.

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