Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring Sonnet 5: Cuckoo's Song

"Kommen und Gehen" my first German verse,
which, like the English 'coming and going,'
to me suggested a hypnotic curse
dooming us to endless to and froing.

Cuz I already sit on the pendulum
base, sweeping through space til some grand hand
drages me from my imagined path to rehash doldrums
of before. What's mine not in my command

Travelling on an amputated track
No destination. "Kommen und Gehen."
Caught in the machine. Pitched forward, flung back
Stymied in the refrain. I'm just sayin':

What if I jump? Which is more appalling?
Free falling or standing up and walking.

-By Abigail Ramsay

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