Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Writing Jokes

I've never written standard jokes before. Recently one of my friends asked me to give it a try. He's a Black stand-up comedian and I figured it was a way to exercise my muscle.

I texted my first stand-up comedy joke to him along with follow ups.  I changed the context of the joke a little bit on here to protective its uniqueness.

Fox Joke:

So I was dating this guy who works at Fox News. And gay Republicans get a bad rap.People say they hate themselves, they're too cold, they're traitors. But Bobby was so romantic. He would say the sweetest things a gay white conservative could say. For instance on our first date whispered in my ear, 'show me your papers, nigga!'

And I just melted.On our second date I gave him my long-form birth certificate. That was foreplay. On our third date I showed him my freedom papers.

Once things started getting really hot I had him do what any black man would: cosign on my loans. Cause if I can't screw your credit, you can't screw me. Bobby was so sweet. His credit score was 190 by the end of our relationship. A sore ass last for a few days, but bad credit lasts a lifetime.

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