Thursday, April 28, 2011

Help, Pray, Wait: Health Insurance

Insurance needs note from doctor for therapy. Set up doctor exam and pay. Get note from doctor. Hand note to therapist company. Therapist company has to hand note back to insurance company for review. Wait on insurance's qualitative approval of the company selected. Then insurance has to quantitatively approve of the how much therapy, which insurance negotiates down to something affordable according to their financial health. Please hold.

Insurance maintains all rights to question claims from medical profession. Insurance has no medical background or license. Insurance maintains all rights to question therapist treatment schedule. Insurance has no treatment training. Insurance earnings depend on treatment limitation, not freedom. Negotiations proceed on legal grounds with insurance lawyers reaching out to doctors. Bargain for health. Please pray.

Patient gets treated once negotiations finish between lawyer and therapist company. At any point if treatment is interrupted due to further illness, insurance can suspend approval and require a new note from doctor. New note from doctor often seen as 'additional treatment' by insurance when it's a continuation of treatment suspended by insurance. Additional treatment is often rejected. Please mute.
Insurance earnings increase from banking patient payment. Banking money gets renamed as insurance capital rather than patient resource. And capital belongs to insurance. Not you. Please die.

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