Thursday, May 28, 2020

False Police Reports

- visiting friend in the deep South. I was asked if I wanted to borrow someone's car so I could cruise around town? Uh, hell no, no, nope, not going to are not going to catch me in a Southern town in someone else's car. I stay inside and read. My friend goes out and is arrested LIKE THAT! The cops say he has an arrest warrant (a common lie cops use to hold black people). He's arrested, booked, stripped of his clothes, given prison uniform...and it's a weekend. So he has to wait until Monday to see a judge. The arrest warrant charges were fabricated. He is released after being in prison for 2 days...for no reason.
- can we admit that part of the reason America was so pissed off at Jussie Smollett is b/c he pulled a "Karen" without the privileges given to countless white ppl who make up crimes against black ppl and don't even get a ticket for it, much less get arrested, investigated, charged, and pursued by an entire city gov.
- upstairs neighbor was a white liberal female stoner dating an African man (so she couldn't be racist right?) They get in a fight, WLFS assaults him (he gets scratched up).  Neighbor says she's calling the police on boyfriend to get him deported...b/c why not use your privilege to escalate this, right? But don't worry: WLFS probably voted for Obama. Twice. But anyway the police arrive and find a crying African male and a screaming WLFS saying that he needs to be arrested. Since he's the only one who has visible signs of being assaulted...the cops arrest WLFS. She was in could this happen to her? My roommates watched gleefully from the window as the NYPD handcuff WLFS. The African man packed his shit up and moved out while WLFS was in jail...never to return. Welcome to America!

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